Suddenly—the Adventure Train slowed

Back to the past BannerPreviously: She had learned of Buffalo Bill Cody’s western performance troupe, the “Buffalo Bill Combination” and had written him—telling him of her shooting skills. He wrote back some months later—and very-politely explained he could not take her on “…at this time.”

Both pleased by the fact he had replied, and disappointed, she was pondering her next opportunity.

Her last name, Dalton, would become legend in the late 1800s, as her cousins, sons of her Uncle James Dalton: Gratton (b 1861) Robert, (b. 1869), and Emmett Dalton (b. 1871) turned to crime in a spectacular—if short outlaw career.

She heard them before she saw them—they were making no effort at stealth, “These fellas have much to learn—perhaps I should give them a lesson,” she thought as she quickly and quietly took cover…

Season 12—Adventure 1—Episode 11—She fired a single round—the Slater-Morales gang was taken completely by surprise by her rifle’s report followed by, “You fellas freeze—and don’t even think about reaching for your guns.”

She fired a single round

She fired a single round

Paulo Morales was not yet intimidated—especially noting this was but a mere slip of a girl, “Oh—such a little señorita, with such a very-big gun—maybe I should take that big gun away from you—no?”

Paulo no sooner finished when his hat was shot off his head, “The next round splits your eyes—señor.”

“Please pardon our compadre, ma’am,” Ed Slater grinned, “He speaks before he thinks. We certainly didn’t expect to see anyone in these parts—what brings you here, may I ask?”

“I’m looking for opportunities—and I think I see one,” She answered, “You fellas need to learn how to move quietly—else the Dakotah may relieve you of your scalps.”

“We didn’t hear of no injun trouble here.”

“Yeah, and you didn’t hear—or see me until I fired my rifle,” she replied, “I’m a pretty-good judge of character, and I suspect you fellas are outlaws looking for opportunities. You need my help—obviously.”

“This little señorita makes good sense,” Arturo Morales, the smarter of the brothers observed, “We should consider her offer of assistance.”

Meanwhile—the Adventure Train was streaking across the Kansas Prairie…making 120 mph (remember—GENTLE READER—the tracks under the train ARE 21st Century tracks) and the marshals and James & Black Hawk were making their plans, “Chris and the Coopers have North Fort Justice covered, what roll will we have?”

Adventure Train was streaking across the Kansas Prairie

Adventure Train was streaking across the Kansas Prairie

“We will be under Lt. Col. Cooper’s command,” Mac replied, “It will be at his discretion where and when we’ll all be assigned.”

“He has been tasked with dealing with the indigenous people?”

“He has, and he has many natives voluntarily serving as troopers,” Sergeant-Major Yatkov replied, “He has been honored as a friend of the ‘First Nation” people in Canada.”

“That is good,” Black Hawk smiled, “Perhaps he will impress us as well.”

Suddenly—the Adventure Train slowed—quickly.


To be continued…


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6 Responses to Suddenly—the Adventure Train slowed

  1. Split eyes is never a good look, maybe they will learn quickly, MAYBE….

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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Literally hanging on a cliff hanger Friday 🙂

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