“Riders approaching”

Back to the past BannerPreviously: Meanwhile—Somewhere in Dakota Territory… They came upon the Overland Stagecoach Company stagecoach at the gallop. Reining-in their horses, they fired-on and killed the shotgun guard, and ordered the two passengers out of the coach.

“Throw down that strong-box, driver—unless you wanna join your friend—dead on the ground!” Lacy Dalton ordered.

“You two,” Paulo pointed his pistols at the passengers, “Please be so kind as to put your valuables in this bag.”

It was over in minutes—it ended when Lacy calmly shot and killed the driver and passengers, “You didn’t need to do that!”

Turning her gaze on Edward Slater—and with it her rifle, “Yes—I did. Do you have a problem with that, Eddie?”

“Throw down that strongbox, driver” Throw down that strongbox, driver”

Season 12—Adventure 1—Episode 13—Edward Slater was a lot of things—but he was not a coward, “Yeah, I do. Robbing a stagecoach is not a hanging offense, but killing, especially when it wasn’t necessary, is.”

“Only if we get caught.”

“You don’t quite understand, Lacy—our plan is much bigger than robbing stagecoaches and killin’ people. If we do things right we’ll be taking over a whole area in silver-rich Nevada. If we’re caught by some small-town sheriff leading a posse, now before we have enough men…”

“Tell me more,” Lacy became very interested in such a gambit.

“Tell me more”

“Tell me more”

“Right now, all over the frontier, there are men who can’t find work—desperate men, many veterans of the war—willing to do anything to survive…”

“People like me ‘n Paulo,” Arturo Morales chimed-in.

“We plan on collecting all who wish to join us,” Slater continued, “We need to find two hundred such men. We can’t afford to get every sheriff and marshal on our trail—at least not until we have the strength to handle them.”

“Okay, I’m in—no more unnecessary killin’.” Lacy liked the idea and saw the possibility of making a great deal of money—maybe enough to start her own wild west show.

They rode in silence for many hours—each lost in thought—and computing how rich they would be.

“Riders approaching,” Arturo called-out, “Looks like three only.”

“Riders approaching”

“Riders approaching”

“Recruits, I hope,” Edward said, “There’s a lot of nothin’ in these parts.”

“If you are thinkin’ of robbin’ us,” Bill Carstairs grinned, “We got nothin’.”

“We ain’t,” Lacy grinned back, “You fellas looking for work?”

“We might be, but if it is wrangling cows—we ain’t farmers.”

“Do we LOOK like farmers to you? What kind of work are you looking for?”

“We have guns, and we know how to use them,” Carstairs replied.

“Good,” Paulo Morales replied, and looking at Lacy, added, “Do you when not to use them?”

“I ain’t fond of killin’, I only shoot second,” Carstairs replied, “I don’t fancy being hanged.”

Meanwhile—Aboard the “Adventure Train”…

To be continued…


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7 Responses to “Riders approaching”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Oh, if only more people understood when not to!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Great line from Paulo, that’s message received load and understood!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Did I see sparks between Lacy and “Eddie?”

    Liked by 1 person

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