Lacy’s Story

Return to Fort Justice BannerPreviously: After both Paul and Ralph described their preferences—Farkleberry’s face lit-up.

“You fellers couldn’t’a come lookin’ at a better time,” He said as he disappeared behind the station. First, he brought out a Triumph GT6, followed by a ’65 Aston-Martin DB-5.

“Wal—whaddaya think,. Fellers?”

Season 12—Adventure 2—Return to Fort Justice—Episode 3…“I think we’ve come to the right place,” Ralph replied, “How did you know that I liked Aston-Martins?”

“Linda tol’ me.”

Lar had perfect cars for Paul and Ralp “Linda tol’ me.”

“And that Triumph?”


Meanwhile—The trains were approaching each other… Cujo simply adjusted the time of our hero’s return to two seconds after the trains would have collided—and maintained an hour of time-separation for the balance of the train trip. Elegant solution—eh?

Meanwhile—back in 1873…we find Lacy Dalton lost in thought as she and the Slater-Morales Gang were camped for the night on the Dakota plains. Outside her tent Lacy reflected back on her life: After her mother’s death with the birth of her brother Blake, she had to help her Pa with the raising of Blake and the ranch. At 5 years old she could shoot and ride with the best. Life was harsh but good because her Pa loved his kids and made sure they knew how to protect their selves and survive.

Lacy Dalton lost in thought Lacy Dalton lost in thought

When she was 15 her life as she knew it ended. A stranger came to the ranch. Her Pa had a bad feeling about the person riding towards them and had hidden her and Blake in the barn. Lacy could see through the slats in the barn. There was an argument, suddenly the stranger pulled his gun and shot her Pa in cold blood. Hopped on his horse and rode out.

Lacy and Blake ran to their Pa but he was dead. Lacy looked around and noticed there was a strange pattern to the hoof print..Lacy knew they would not have trouble tracking him.

Getting a shovel from the barn she and Blake buried their beloved Pa. Blake had not stopped crying but she knew at 10, this was really hard on him. She told Blake, “We have things to do I need you to be strong. Go pack 3 saddle bags with food and get you a change of clothes.” 

She saddled their horses and the mule, and packed another saddle bag with ammo and a change of clothes for her.

The neighbor had wanted to buy their property for a long time. Pa said no—but now Lacy hoped he still wanted it. He did, and he told them how sorry he was about their Pa.

So Lacy and Blake headed out to find the bastard that murdered their Pa. The trail with the strange hoof print was easy to pick up his direction.  

After traveling and checking out towns; it took them about a month to find him. But they did not get the chance to kill him, he was already dead having drank from a poison pond. He and his horse both lay there dead.

Then there were decisions to make. Blake wanted to find a place to stay but Lacy wanted to be on the road. She really wanted to work in the Wild West Show. 

In Wichita they went to the church and told the pastor their story. It so happened he and his wife were childless and after meeting his wife they agreed—Blake could stay with them. She was glad Blake did not have any blood on his hands.

She smiled as she laid-down and drifted off to sleep.

To be continued…


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8 Responses to Lacy’s Story

  1. Jack Boardman says:

    What a thing have gone through… this tells us a lot about Lacy. :-/

    Liked by 2 people

    • Chris Shouse says:

      I can understand how her heart may have been hardened a bit..and if she had tried to stick around and run the ranch I am sure someone would have tried to steal it from her. At least this way she got money and was able to provide her brother a good place to stay…I am sure she left a chunk of the ranch sell money with the preacher and his wife to insure Blake had a good home. I wonder if we will ever find out what happens to him..hmmm

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Many happy years behind her and a brother she still loves … Lacy may have more going for her than I realized.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. That month tracking and trawling through towns then not getting the chance to avenge…..I’d be mighty hacked off with the world 😦

    Liked by 2 people

  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    I wonder what would have happened had Buffalo Bill not rejected her? :-/

    Liked by 2 people

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