“Dalton’s Raiders”

Return to Fort Justice Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: As they rode up, they kept both hands in sight, “Good day. My name is Jonathan Derby, and these are my brothers—Ralph, Ira, Joseph, Franklin, and Timothy.”

“What do you fellas want?” Lacy asked, rifle pointing loosely in their direction.

“To begin with—not to get shot,” Jonathan replied, “But I’m sure you’re not cowboys, or shopkeepers—or lawmen. We aren’t either. We are, however, looking for others such as ourselves—looking for opportunities—not necessarily legal opportunities. With whom do we apply?”

“I run this outfit“Me,” Lacy replied, glancing back at the now former Slater-Morales gang, “I run this outfit—right boys?”

Season 12—Adventure 2—Return to Fort Justice—Episode 5… Ed Slater and Arturo Morales glanced at each other, y’see GENTLE READER? They were both kinda sweet on Lacy, “Yeah, that’s right.”

“Si compadres, she is señorita-boss,” Arturo agreed. None of the others agreed, exactly—but they all feared and respected Edward Slater and Arturo Morales—two men not to be crossed.

So just like that—the growing gang would soon become known (and feared) as “Dalton’s Raiders.”

Meanwhile—In North Fort Justice… Chris Shouse, Jay and Sarah Cooper dismounted, and with the dog-people guarding the horses—not that the sentient horses actually needed guarding—entered the saloon, “Good day, gentlemen.”

Chris Jay and Sarah went into the saloon“How-do, ma’am,” The barkeep replied to Chris, “It’s not often we see strangers here—what brings you to North Fort Justice?”

“We heard there’s been some silver strikes,” Jay smiled, “And we thought it worth our while to pay a visit.”

“You see the tents when you rode in?”


“Well—those folks heard the same thing,” he smiled, “And they’re still looking for theirs.”

“There is silver out there,” Cyrus Vance, standing next to Jay, said, “I have a mine ten miles south of here. In fact the three of us each found silver—but it’s difficult to find new streaks. Most eventually give-up and move on.”

“Most of those folks came looking for easy-money, arriving with just the shirts on their backs,” the bartender added, “And they’ll quit—or become outlaws.”

“You have lawmen here?”

“We did, until he was killed. We now rely on the cavalry to keep the peace.”

“We’re not without experience in peacekeeping,” Sarah said, “Perhaps that’s a better opportunity?”

“Pardon me, Ma’am,” Vance laughed, “But, two of you are women.”

Jay Cooper sighed as he thought, “Oh no—you shouldn’t have gone there…”

And finally—The Adventure Train pulled in to Fort Justice… “Wow! This place looks deserted!”

The Adventure Train pulled in to Fort Justice “It certainly does, Boomer,” Mac replied, “Time of day?”

“I doubt it, but I guess we’d better head for the fort and check-in with the colonel.”

“I don’t think we’ll be very happy with what he has to say.”

To be continued…


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8 Responses to “Dalton’s Raiders”

  1. “Pardon me, Ma’am,” Vance laughed, “But, two of you are women.” ….. and with ignorance, the opportunity increases.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    These guys just never learn!

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  3. lhalvor says:

    We’ll teach them. Uh oh. Nice train picture btw.


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