Dalton’s Raiders On The Move!

Return to Fort Justice Banner Previously: “Excuse me, Mac—why is that bird so cooperative?”

“Ah—Sar-Major Yatkov,” Mac replied, “Because Boomer and Daisy aren’t with us for him to tease.”

“How far to the mine?”

“We’re not going there,” Mac replied, “Not yet, anyway.”

Meanwhile—In North Fort Justice… Chris and Sarah had their weapons drawn and pointed at Vance in less than an eye-blink, “Any more questions—sir?”

“No ma’am,” Vance replied to Chris, “You’ve convinced me.”

“Very-well,” Sarah grinned, “We’re now the law in North Fort Justice.”

At the same time—somewhere on the Kansas plains…

There were at least a hundred of them—probably more…

Season 12—Adventure 2—Return to Fort Justice—Episode 7… Lacy Dalton, the undisputed boss (or “señorita-boss”) was leading the column of over two-hundred outlaws, and outlaw-wannabes.

Dalton’s Raiders neared the Colorado border

Dalton’s Raiders neared the Colorado border

Riding directly behind her were her two most trusted lieutenants, Edward Slater and Arturo Morales. They were also her suitors—something she had never experienced in her 17 years of life—polite and respectful men.

Interesting enough, Miles Slater and Paulo Morales, once adversaries, had become her personal bodyguards—they would each be willing to die in her defense.

Edward and Arturo slowed their pace—enough so they could speak privately, “No matter what happens in our quest for Lacy’s affection, we must remain compadres, no?”

Edward and Arturo slowed their pace

Edward and Arturo slowed their pace

“Who knows if either one of us has a chance with Lacy, Arturo—but should she pick you—I will accept that,” Edward replied, “In our business, ‘compadres,’ are few and far between. And our brothers?”

“They are our brothers, señor-partner,” Arturo smiled, “And our compadres.”

Although nearly surrounded by her four best friends, Lacy was alone in her thoughts…

It was mighty fine having two men obviously smitten with her. She knew that they would both like her to choose one. But why should she? Where was it written that a woman could not have two men? She had heard about men having more than one wife. In fact a lot of wives.  

She knew she could never live that way. But having two men? Well that sounded pretty good to her.

When camping tonight—maybe they could find a place with some privacy, even better privacy and a body of water. She would love to take a bath.  Maybe ask one of them to stand guard while she did? She tingled at the thought of might happen.

She thought about the French soap she had purchased when she was last in a town, along with some stuff to wash her hair that smelled good too.  A girl has to feel like a girl sometimes.

“Which one shall I choose for this night’s dalliance?” Lacy smiled to herself with wicked anticipation. She was feeling a bit tingly in the saddle.

Meanwhile—Flutters found Colonel Cooper… “I’ve been expecting you, Deputy Flutters!”

Flutters found Col Cooper

“I’ve been expecting you, Deputy Flutters!”

“Greetings from Marshal McIntyre, Colonel,” Flutters replied, “Our orders?”

“First, I need to know the threat we are facing. As you can see, I’m a little short of troopers.”

“We know there is a huge number of outlaws headed for Fort Justice, we estimate over a hundred. We think they’re nearing the border with Colorado by now.”

“Oh,” Cooper grinned, “Is that all?”

To be continued…


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  1. lhalvor says:

    Lucy is getting a little “racy” here. Crotch novel?

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  2. Well there’s something hot happening…..and not just the weather.


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