The door swung open

Return to Fort Justice Banner Previously: They couldn’t help but feel sorry for those deeply disappointed folks who now had nowhere else to go—and no way to get there.

The mood of the marshals brightened instantly with the arrival of Deputy Flutters, “Looks like you guys have been having a party—with all those happy faces.”

“We were just waiting for you to arrive, Flutters,” Jay grinned, “What’s a party without a carrier pigeon present?”

“Fun?” Pepper muttered quietly to Buttons, causing her to laugh out loud.

“I can see my arrival made your day, Buttons,” Flutters misjudged her laugh (of course), “I have news from Mac.”

Season 12—Adventure 2—Return to Fort Justice—Episode 9… “Colonel Cooper has a surprise—one that will equalize our numeric disadvantage against the outlaws heading here.”

“Okay, Birdbrain,” Pepper woofed, “Tell us!”

I have news from Mac

“Okay, Birdbrain,” Pepper woofed, “Tell us!”

“He didn’t tell me what it is—for security reasons, he said,” Flutters replied, “But he seemed confident. Mac asked me to tell you—with word spreading of the planned takeover of Fort Justice, and the rumored riches to be had, that we can expect trouble at any time now.”

As if on cue, they heard horses outside, followed closely but boots clumping on the boardwalk—they had unexpected visitors—and each reached for their side arms.

The door swung open.

The door swung open...

The door swung open.

In walked Paul, 24th Earl of Harriot, followed closely by Ralph Halvorson—both a bit taken-aback, just a bit, by several .44s pointed at them, “I daresay this is quite the greeting!”

“We’re sorry, fellas,” Jay smiled weakly—embarrassed by their reaction, “We are a little on-edge these days. Apparently, there are a number of people on their way here to join the assault on Fort Justice.”

“We didn’t expect you this visit,” Chris added, “We understood you had business to attend to.”

“We completed that on Saturday,” Paul said, “It’s now Sunday in 2015, so Cujo sent us here, thinking you might appreciate the help.”

“We need the help—that’s for certain,” Chris was happy for that, “But tell us about your businesses, we could use a little good news about now.”

“Perhaps that can wait ‘til we return to 2015—we can show you then,” Ralph suggested, “It seems what’s happening here is more important for us to learn.”

Taking-turns, Jay, Sarah & Chris told the what they knew for certain, seasoned with a little informed speculation.

After the update—Paul made a most-logical (and frankly—necessary for this story-line) suggestion, “Swear us in, and hand-out the badges—we have work to do.”

Meanwhile—a new day had begun near the Kansas-Colorado Border…

The morning after the night before (when Lacy was feeling “…a bit tingly in the saddle…)”

To be continued…


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7 Responses to The door swung open

  1. ‘Paul made a most-logical’ ….. now I REALLY know this is all fantasy 😀


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    And I just love how Pepper has one long “sock”. :)!!


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Yes we are all looking good 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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