Edward’s Heartache

Return to Fort Justice BannerPreviously: “We didn’t expect you this visit,” Chris added, “We understood you had business to attend to.”

“We completed that on Saturday,” Paul said, “It’s now Sunday in 2015, so Cujo sent us here, thinking you might appreciate the help.”

“We need the help—that’s for certain,” Chris was happy for that, “But tell us about your businesses, we could use a little good news about now.”

“Perhaps that can wait ‘til we return to 2015—we can show you then,” Ralph suggested, “It seems what’s happening here is more important for us to learn.”

Taking-turns, Jay, Sarah & Chris told the what they knew for certain, seasoned with a little informed speculation.

After the update—Paul made a most-logical (and frankly—necessary for this story-line) suggestion, “Swear us in, and hand-out the badges—we have work to do.”

Meanwhile—a new day had begun near the Kansas-Colorado Border…

The morning after the night before (when Lacy was feeling “…a bit tingly in the saddle…)”

Season 12—Adventure 2—Return to Fort Justice—Episode 10…

Edward Slater was having a very bad morning which was a continuing thing from tossing and turning all night. He had played the scene over and over in his mind.

After a long day on the trail Lacy had wanted to stop under the big trees that had a clear, wide stream. She had sent a scout out to find the perfect spot and she had a glint in her eyes. 

Edward wondered what she had in mind—hope sprung in his heart—only to have it crushed a few hours later. Lacy made her choice, apparently.

Camp had been set up and food cooked. It was a beautiful night. A beautiful crescent moon in the sky.

Suddenly, Lacy turned to Arturo and said, “I would like to take a swim in the stream would you care to accompany me?”  

Arturo had gotten a big grin on his face and replied “Oh Si Senorita.” 

“Well let’s go then.” 

She got some things out of her saddle bags that Edward could not see but he did see her grab her bedroll.  Arturo saw that and grabbed his too. 

As they disappeared around the rock and trees Edward felt as if someone was standing on his chest.

The pair did not return to camp that night…

“Arturo do you think you could start a fire here? The night is still warm but it will be cool when we get out.”

“Si Senorita Lacy there is plenty of wood here.”

“I will meet you in the water” she said as she stripped all of her clothes off.

Arturo paused for a moment to admire the beautiful body walking towards the water. He felt things in his body that he had not felt for a while.

Lacy was washing her hair and washing with her special soap.  It felt wonderful.

Arturo had a roaring fire going and had laid out their bedrolls side by side in anticipation and hoped he had not overstepped his bounds. Stripping off his clothes he headed for the stream.

When he reached Lacy she smiled and told him to turn around.  She lathered him up laughingly telling him he was going to smell like lavender.

Arturo did not care—he closed his eyes and just felt her hands on him.  It was so sensual he never wanted it to stop. She washed him everywhere and finally turned him around and kissed him.

She said in a husky voice​,​”Lets test those bedrolls out.​”​

Let’s test those bedrolls out

“Let’s test those bedrolls out.”

What happened will stay between them and the stars in the sky, but if they were church-going people they would have had a story to tell in confession.

It was difficult for Ed Slater to remember his pact with Arturo: “Who knows if either one of us has a chance with Lacy, Arturo—but should she pick you—I will accept that, in our business, ‘compadres,’ are few and far between…”

Meanwhile—In Nevada, near Fort Justice…

Mac sent orders to “Move everyone to Fort Justice” to all deputies…

To be continued…


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14 Responses to Edward’s Heartache

  1. Jack Boardman says:

    THIS—may be the most RIBALD post we’ve EVER DONE! 😛

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  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Steaming up my glasses this morning!!

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  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Should I write more like this dear readers????? 🙂

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  4. Definitely more please…..and about time Lacy found something to EASE those tingles 😛

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