“McIntyre, is it? Ur ye Scottish?”

Siege of Fort Justice Banner Previously: A half hour later McDermid arrived—and clearly—in at least one respect—he could see eye to eye with Paul—they were exactly the same height, “Aam McDermid, who’s lookin’ fur a bar tender?”

“I am,” Paul replied.

McDermid paused—looking at Paul, “Harriot? Ur yo an Sassenach?”

“Why yes, I am English,” Paul couldn’t help but notice his rather spectacular pipe, “Um—there can be no smoking inside—it’s a state law.”

“Thes pipe? it’s nae fur smokin’, it’s jist fur shaw. we Scots ur supposed tae reek a pipe!”

“Can you work for an Englishman?”

“Of coorse I’ll wark fur an Sassenach,” McDermid replied, “Someain has tae keep heem in line!”

“I think you found your man, Paul,” Mac rumbled—a wide grin breaking-out.

“I think you are correct, Mr. McIntyre.”

*This new character created by Linda Bryant Halvorson

Season 12—Adventure 3—Siege of Fort Justice—Episode 5… “McIntyre, is it? Ur ye Scottish?” McDermid asked.

“Through my great-grandfather,” Mac replied, “About ¼th Scots.”

“Weel, guid enaw fur me,” McDermid replied, “Now—let’s get this pub going!”

“You speak American?”

“Hell yeah—I’ve had to learn American as a second language!”

“Weel, noo, that’s amazin’!” Mac exclaimed, “Ah hud tae learn Scottish an aw!”

“Now it is certain,” McDermid laughed, “You must wear a proper bonnet!”

“You must wear a proper bonnet!”

“You must wear a proper bonnet!”

“Done!” Mac exclaimed as his cap disappeared—replaced by a proper bonnet, “Thanks Cujo!”

“Cujo? Fa is thes Cujo?” Archie lapsed into his Scot’s speech.

“You’ll meet her—on her schedule,” Boomer said.

MEANWHILE—Somewhere over Danger Bay… “Well Ralph we are now at 500mph.”

We are now at 500mph

“Well Ralph we are now at 500mph.”

“REALLY?” He replied, “That explains Lake Superior’s blur—can you give us a little more altitude?”

Smiling—wickedly—Linda brought her Mustang into a steep climb, “Better?”

“How fast will this beast go in a dive?”

“Oh, nearly 700mph, safely.”

“Do it!”

Linda did just that, and Ralph’s only comment was, “Give me the controls, please.”

Linda replied, “You have the controls.”

And soon—Danger Bay had another fully qualified pilot. That, GENTLE READER, is how things work here!

MEANWHILE—In 1873 Long, Utah… Lacy Dalton, Paulo Morales, Edward and Miles Slater rode into town checking every possible route in and out. Lacy noticed the hotel and smiled to herself—visions of a hot bath danced in her head.

Lacy Dalton and company rode into town Lacy Dalton and company rode into town

This was a small town but looked to be a thriving community. They rode on through noting where everything was including the bank which was of most interest.

The Security Bank was placed perfectly for their getaway at the end of town.

“Paulo, you and Miles ride around the back and check to see if there is a back door to the bank. Also check to see what other back doors there may be and then ride back to the other end and meet us at the Hotel/Saloon.”

‘Si, Senorita Lacy.”

“Edward let’s quench our thirst and check on accommodations for a couple of nights.” 

They turned their horses around and rode slowly back to the Saloon and Southern Hotel.

To be continued…


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10 Responses to “McIntyre, is it? Ur ye Scottish?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Mac looks mighty handsome in that cap just saying 🙂

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  2. Oooop careful Edward, all might not be as it seems…..


  3. lhalvor says:

    How come Ralph gets the controls at 700 mph?

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