Long, Utah

Siege of Fort Justice Banner Previously: MEANWHILE—In 1873 Long, Utah… Lacy Dalton, Paulo Morales, Edward and Miles Slater rode into town checking every possible route in and out. Lacy noticed the hotel and smiled to herself—visions of a hot bath danced in her head.

This was a small town but looked to be a thriving community. They rode on through noting where everything was including the bank which was of most interest. 

The Security Bank was placed perfectly for their getaway at the end of town.

“Paulo, you and Miles ride around the back and check to see if there is a back door to the bank. Also check to see what other back doors there may be and then ride back to the other end and meet us at the Hotel/Saloon.”

‘Si, Senorita Lacy.”

“Edward let’s quench our thirst and check on accommodations for a couple of nights.” 

They turned their horses around and rode slowly back to Saloon and Southern Hotel.

Season 12—Adventure 3—Siege of Fort Justice—Episode 6… “Welcome, may I help you? The young man behind the bar asked, what is your pleasure?”

“4 Whiskeys and do you have any vacant rooms?”

“4 Whiskeys and do you have any vacant rooms?”

“4 Whiskeys and do you have any vacant rooms?”

“Yes I have 3 small rooms but if there are 4 of you the other room I have is a larger room considered a suite as it has its own facilities including a large claw foot tub.”

“We will take them,” Lacy replied, “We will be here a couple of days looking around for property to settle down and ranch.  Know of any suitable land around here?”

“Could be, I will send a message to Mr. Thurman down at the bank to set an appointment for you to speak with him.”

“Perfect, thank-you,” Lacy replied sweetly.

Taking their whiskey over to the far end of the long bar, they waited for Miles and Paulo to rejoin them.

“That was pretty clever Lacy, the way you’ll be able to get into the bank and check it out; drawing no questions as to why you are there.”

“You’ll accompany me to the bank Edward. We’ll hint that we are engaged and looking to settle somewhere, in fact we may take a picnic lunch and actually ride to a piece of land to make it look even more legitimate.”

Paulo and Miles joined them just then and reported. “Yes Miss Lacy the bank has a back door as does the other Saloon and the General Store.”

“Good that should make it easy for us to have the horses in back to make a quick getaway.  Miles—take all the horses over to the livery where we will leave them to get good and rested, and if there is a blacksmith their ask him to check all the horses hooves.”

Miles downed his drink and went to do as he was asked.

The bartender laid four keys on the bar, “Madam, your rooms are ready and I have just heard from Mr. Thurman. He can meet with you tomorrow morning at 11:00. The large room is at the way end of the corridor.”

“Perfect, thank you kindly for your help, I would like bath water in about two hours if I could,” Lacy replied, “We would like another round here please.”

To be Continued…


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7 Responses to Long, Utah

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Plots and plans!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    She is calculating that one…does not miss a detail. Wonder what she will do with that large tub filled with water? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    The plot.THICKENS 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Cunning plans eh, there is no hope.

    Liked by 1 person

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