Christine Dalton and her bunch

Siege of Fort Justice BannerPREVIOUSLY: They walked in the bank and Mr. Thurman had a big grin on his face as he walked toward the three. Edward reached out and swung Mr. Thurman around pulling his gun and holding it to his head.

Lacy said, “Listen close as I am going to only say this once. One of you will fill my partner’s bag up with all monies behind the counter. The other one will open the door and accompany me to the safe and fill this bag. Do it now and no one will get hurt.”

The door opened all went through it but the cashier said, “Only Mr. Thurman knows the combination.”

“No problem,” Lacy replied, “Mr. Thurman will be most helpful.”

She motioned for Edward to take him back to the safe.

It was over quickly, three bags filled the bank employees flat on the ground hands behind their back. 

The Dalton gang went quickly out the back door and rode out-of-town.    

Season 12—Adventure 3—Siege of Fort Justice—Episode 8… Christine Dalton and her bunch had just robbed the bank in Thompson’s Grove in western Utah and were leaving town. They were in no hurry. Y’see—GENTLE READER—they were in no hurry because there were no survivors inside the bank, and everyone who had been on the street when they stormed-in, were in hiding.

Dalton’s Bunch leaving Thompson’s Grove Dalton’s Bunch leaving Thompson’s Grove

There was one person still outside—Jared Wilkins—the now deceased deputy town marshal of Thompson’s Grove.

Happily, I suppose, at least from the point-of-view of the citizens of Thompson’s Grove, four of the Dalton Bunch would not be leaving town—they were not leaving because they were lying dead on the bank lobby floor. Old Hank Schmelke, former town marshal, and until a few minutes ago, the bank’s guard, dispatched the four to their special place in hell before succumbing to his wounds.

In a few days, there would be a funeral—and after the number of headstones in the cemetery would increase by twelve. Excluding, of course, the dead robbers. Their carcasses were now out on the desert. No one would care—not even Christine Dalton.

The Dalton Bunch headed for the town of Buzzard’s Gulch—a lawless town made-up of those folks who simply cannot fit-in anywhere else. There are no peace officers there. At least not living peace officers. Buzzard’s Gulch was what was sometimes—by some—known as a “robbers roost,” where those running from justice could be reasonably sure no lawman would come looking for them.

I know of SOME peace officers who might just be willing to pay a visit—don’t you, GENTLE READER?

To be Continued…


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7 Responses to Christine Dalton and her bunch

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Sounds like they are very much in need of peace!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    …they were in no hurry because there were no survivors inside the bank…

    Why do I get the feeling we’re gonna be dealing WITH CHRISTINE? :-/

    Liked by 2 people

  3. A Peace Officer sounds like a very full time job and it’s said there’s no rest for the wicked :-/

    Liked by 1 person

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