The Tardis Tavern

~ Fine Ale & Spirits Since 2015~”

Siege of Fort Justice Banner Previously: The Dalton Bunch headed for the town of Buzzard’s Gulch—a lawless town made-up of those folks who simply cannot fit-in anywhere else. There are no peace officers there. At least not living peace officers. Buzzard’s Gulch was what was sometimes—by some—known as a “robbers roost,” where those running from justice could be reasonably sure no lawman would come looking for them there.

I know of SOME peace officers who might just be willing to pay a visit—don’t you, GENTLE READER?

Season 12—Adventure 3—Siege of Fort Justice—Episode 9… Meanwhile—in 2015 Danger Bay, Minnesota—it was Friday and our heroes (I use the term “heroes” loosely, GENTLE READER), were invited as Paul Harriot’s guests at his just-refurbished “Tardis Tavern,” for a pre-opening party—AND—a pre-expected-to-return-to-1873-get-together.

Tardis Tavern Paul Harriot’s guests at his just-refurbished “Tardis Tavern.”

The dog (and bird) people were also invited, attended long enough to congratulate Paul on his new business venture before politely excusing themselves and heading-out to do whatever it is they do on such occasions.

As they arrived, they were greeted by tavern manager Archibald McDermid, “Ach, McIntyre, yer wearin’ yer proper bonnet.”

“That I am, Archie, that I am.”

“Will ye be wearin’ it when you visit the 19th Century, Laddie?”

“You know this?”

“’Tis why I was hired by Paul, 24th Earl of Harriott.”

“Indeed. I’ll make the request of Miss Cujo.”

After a tour of the interior, our heroes adjourned to the outdoor patio—it was the only place the relatively compact “Tardis Tavern” large enough for our time-travelers gather together.

Archie McDermid held court from in front of the barbeque—preparing all manner of hickory-smoked delights.

Our heroes adjourned to the outdoor patio Archie McDermid held court from in front of the barbeque—

Paul played host to his friends and fellow time-warpers, “The ale in the casks along the fence—self-service.”

Of COURSE the dog (and bird-person) people were there—do they not time travel? The unexpected guest—Cujo—arrived—and fully materialized.

“Hey old friend,” Boomer misted—just a little—at seeing his old IRL best dog-friend, and his current best-dog-friend, Daisy’s big sister, “When and where are we going this time?”

“I can tell you the when—tomorrow morning,” Cujo replied, “As to the where—events occurring in 1873 will determine that. Lacy Dalton has proved to be too unpredictable, AND her grandmother, Christine Dalton—even more so than Lacy, make it nearly impossible to determine.”

“Why not place us back at Fort Justice?” Chris asked, “They must show-up there.”

“Christine is why. She might be able to bring a hundred or so more expert gunslingers—and along the way—kill some folks who must survive. And too, for some reason—a reason I can’t determine—I’m unable to see all the possible 19th Century futures.”

To be Continued…


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8 Responses to The Tardis Tavern

  1. Greetings fellow travellers and welcome to our Tardis Tavern 🙂

    Drinks and food are available at all times, the only cost is that you swap stories, plan missions, treat animals with love and above all have fun…..especially at my expense *CHEERS AND GOOD HEALTH*

    (great sign Jack)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Unable to see? Fog in the mists of time …

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Mists of time are usually not good…what is Cujo going to have to battle now and what will it do to our travelers.

    You have to admit we are a good looking bunch.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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