Siege of Fort Justice Banner Previously: When Coby Dalton died a few years back, Pa was heartbroken, after the funeral Christine told him not to worry about her and that she was fine. She would hire some men to help about the place. 

She had a plan alright and she did hire some men but it was not to run the ranch which she promptly sold. 

It was like she disappeared off the face of the earth. When her father was murdered she had no idea of how to get in touch with Christine.  

Lacy reached her grandmother, “Whatever are you doing here?”

“That is all the greeting I get?”

“You ran off and left without even a goodbye”

“Get over it Lacy, I had things to do adventures to live and I did not have time to listen to your father try to dictate how my life should be.  I am sorry my son is dead, he was a good man.  I am glad you tracked down his killer and I approve of your choice of professions. Now give me a hug.”

After all the introductions were made, Christine said, “Now let’s get down to some planning shall we?”

Season 12—Adventure 3—Siege of Fort Justice—Episode 12…

“We just come from Buzzard’s Gulch where I deposited ten-thousand bucks in the bank for safekeeping. After I heard you plans to take over Fort Justice—good news travels faster than a rattler off a hot rock—I put-out the word that I’d be payin’ top dollar for any galoot to join us. I just heard that some 200 fast guns signed-up with the town marshal and will join us wherever you want.”

Lacy, more than a little surprised at her good fortune at running-into once-despised grandmother was delighted, “That’s wonderful news, Grandma. Those 200 fast guns will guarantee our success. By taking the fort, we will have a place far better than Buzzard’s Gulch to base our operations—close to the richest silver mine in Nevada—Simpson’s.”

You do me proud, Lacy “You do me proud, Lacy; I never would have come up with such an audacious plan!”

“You do me proud, Lacy; I never would have come up with such an audacious plan! How can we help?”

“Send your best men—men you can trust—back to Buzzard’s Gulch and get those fast guns. Have them meet us at the town of North Fort Justice. It’s from there we will mount our attack on the fort.”

MEANWHILE—just outside Buzzard’s Gulch…

After hearing of the plan to attack Fort Justice, Ralph decided their best action would be to act as though they were joining-up with the others heading to North Fort Justice—but with a twist—our heroes knew there was no actual money in those bags, “We need to suggest to anyone we come across that there is no money, and that they won’t be paid.”

“Hey!” Sarah exclaimed, “Where’s Boomer and Daisy?”

“I didn’t see him leave,” Mac replied, “But I suspect the timelines have merged and he’s back with his command at the fort.”

“But we need his guns here,” Chris looked a bit worried.

“We’ll make do,” Ralph didn’t seem worried, “Paul and I oughta balance his loss—we weren’t all that helpful our last visit.”

“We’ll be fine,” Mac added, “Hey, look—we got trouble on horseback headin’ our way.”

“I count thirty,” sharp-eyed Buttons said, looking at the trail behind, “And they don’t look happy!”

Meanwhile—Just outside Buzzard’s Gulch “I count thirty,” sharp-eyed Buttons said, looking at the trail behind, “And they don’t look happy!”

To be Continued…


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11 Responses to Planning

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Lucky Buttons with that sharp vision! Although … Eeek!

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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Nothing like the smell of gunpowder in the morning 🙂

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  3. Great, 30 unhappy dudes on a MONDAY morning!

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  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    I’m unlooping my .44, and checking m’Maresleg, yessiree, BOB! 😐

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  5. lhalvor says:

    Faster than rattler.nice.

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