Siege of Fort Justice Banner Previously: Meanwhile—Five days later… Lacy, the Slater and Morales brothers, Christine and her trusted associates: Sam Meeks, Juan Mendoza, and Jedediah Clark were in the only remaining open business in North Fort Justice—the saloon, and planning their next move.

The bartender happened also to be the owner of the saloon, was a well-known outlaw from the Missouri, and Christine recognized him, “Hello Ace, remember me?”

“Darlin,’  ain’t hardly anyone you ever met wouldn’t remember you,” Ace Dunphy replied, “Remember that time in St. Joe?”

“We had us some good times, back then,” Christine laughed with the memory, “Boys? Listen to what Ace has to say as Lacy and I have some more catching-up to do.”

“Lacy, it’s past time we became friends—not just relatives. Tell me how you feel—and don’t hold back.”

Season 12—Adventure 3—Siege of Fort Justice—Episode 14…

Lacy and Christine walked outside so they could speak in private.

Lacy & Christine walked outside the saloon Lacy and Christine walked outside so they could speak in private.

Lacy said, “I do not know what we have to talk about. I idolized you when I was a child and when grandpa died you just up and disappeared without a word.  When Blake and I lost Pa, I had NO ONE to turn to and help me make decisions. I alone had to make a decision as to Blake’s future. From what I hear he is happy—one the boys rode through and checked on him but—did I do the right thing? I wanted someone to tell me everything was going to be ok.” 

By this time Lacy was crying almost uncontrollably all the tears she had not shed since her Pa had been murdered came out now, “How can I ever trust you?”

Christina put her arms around Lacy and let her cry it out. When her sobs had just become small whimpers Christine said “I am sorry I did not tell you where I was, by the time I heard what happened to my son you were gone. We followed for a while but you had already found his killer and left Blake with the preacher. I stopped to see him—he is happy and having a good life. I began to hear tales of you and your men. I am so proud of you. I did try to get to you Lacy and of course you can trust me—we are blood. It is good we were out here as the men can never see womanly weaknesses. It will lower their respect of us.  So are we good now?”

Lacy nodded, “We best get back inside and finish up our plans.”

To be Continued…


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7 Responses to Reparations

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Seems like Blake was the lucky one.

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  2. Damn they’re gonna be formidable…..

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  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Wow how come Lacy looks like Chris and Christine looks like Sarah? Are we related in someway? hmmmmm 🙂


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