The Siege of Fort Justice Part I

Siege of Fort Justice Banner Previously: You’ll just have to go back and read what happened leading up to this episode, GENTLE READER, to get caught-up! There is just too much story to tell in this episode!

So…Here We Go!

Season 12—Adventure 3—Siege of Fort Justice—Episode 15… There were well in excess of two-hundred outlaws arrayed in front of the fort—they had, at first surrounded the fort but quickly found there was nothing to shoot at—as the troops inside stubbornly refused to man the walls.

Fort Justice surrounded There were well in excess of two-hundred outlaws arrayed in front of the fort.

Still—no troopers showed themselves on the wall to defend the gates—and the heavy wooden gates were too thick to shoot through.

Frustrated, Lacy gave the order to plant dynamite on the door’s hinges and sent riders out to find dynamite, “I cannot believe they won’t fight—the cowards remain hidden behind those walls!”

“Lacy—are you sure blowing the gates is a good idea?” Christine asked, “We’re going to need those gates.”

“You’re RIGHT!” She exclaimed, “Arturo—never mind the dynamite. Have the men surround the fort again. Let no one out—we’ll see how long they can hold-out with no food coming-in.”

“Si Señorita-Boss,” Arturo grinned, “I will speak to the depot agent and convince him to tell me when they had their last supply train.”

It took another hour to reposition their men—it was sorta-like herding cats—but Arturo and the other underbosses finally convinced them. It didn’t hurt that three of the outlaws were shot after refusing their orders.

Arturo visited the depot agent, who when asked, lied, “There should be a supply train arriving any day now—it’s been a month since they received any supplies.”

“How well is the train protected?”

“It’s not—we’ve never had a problem.”

“Muchas gracias, Señor Agent, you have been most helpful—you may live another day as your reward.”

“Station Manager” Ralph Halvorson smiled, and as soon as Arturo left—pulled-out his communicator, “First-Sergeant Boomer—they bought it—hook—line—and sinker!”

“Thanks Ralph—I’ll prepare our little ‘surprise’!” Still smiling he turned to the troopers standing next to the two 4 pounder horse-guns, “Okay Corporal McCoy—roll your guns into position.”

“Thanks Ralph—I’ll prepare our little ‘surprise’!” “Thanks Ralph—I’ll prepare our little ‘surprise’!”

“Right away First Sergeant Boomer,” McCoy replied, “Doya think our guns will make a difference?”

Boomer wasn’t sure—but he had to maintain morale. After escorting the horse-guns to the fort, Lt. Col. Cooper and his detachment left—to execute another part of the plan, and too—Boomer was concerned about Ralph, alone without support in the depot.

Sure—the plan looked good on paper—but when the time comes for all the pieces to come together…

He called Ralph, “What do you think about our chances?”

“I’m trying hard NOT to think about it—there are almost 400 outlaws surrounding you, and we have what—maybe 50?”

To be Continued…


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12 Responses to The Siege of Fort Justice Part I

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Ah, but the odds are harder to predict in Danger Bay!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    “What do you think about our chances?”

    I’m not sure I want to think about THAT! :-/


  3. Ha they may take herding like cats but fortunately they don’t seem as cunning.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Chris Shouse says:

    I think the plan will work because most of those outlaws out there are cowards and deserters and they will scatter with the first sign of any trouble 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. lhalvor says:

    Plus you have Ralph!

    Liked by 1 person

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