A large steam yacht

2015 Port of Danger Bay BannerPreviously: The Cabin-on-the-Rock alone will remain atop the bluff—but now, won’t be visible to any but established friends.

Now—GENTLE READER, our IRL home tour:

The Cabin on the Rock:

Cabin on the Rock

Cabin on the Rock

Home of Mac, Collie & Merle McIntyre

Paul Harriott’s place:

Paul Harriott’s place Paul Harriott’s place

Just GUESS who lives here!

The Boomer & the Halvorson homes:

Boomer & the Halvorson homes

Boomer & the Halvorson homes

Homes of Boomer and Linda Bryant & Ralph Halvorson.

Chris & the Cooper homes:

The Cooper and Chris Shouse homes The Cooper and Chris Shouse homes

Chris Shouse & Wyatt Earp IV and Sarah & Jay Cooper live here.

We would be remiss, NOT to show you, GENTLE READER, Downtown Danger Bay (It’s always been there—we just never showed it like this):

Downtown Danger Bay

Downtown Danger Bay


Season 12—Adventure 4—2015 Port of Danger Bay—Episode 3… Meanwhile… With the “home tour” out of the way—we can take a peek at… A large steam yacht as it slowly makes its way up-lake—it began its journey from a large warehouse in the Duluth-Superior Harbor two days previously.

A yacht slowly makes its way up-lake A yacht slowly makes its way up-lake

The boat left the harbor through the canal with several other vintage yachts—including Cap & Edith Sezavich in their new replica Crusader Fishing boat. The owners of the yacht were on-deck and waving to the crowds on both sides of the canal.

Cap & Edith near Split Rock

As they moved out on the lake the boats circled towards Duluth and skirted the shoreline as far northeast as Brighton Beach before returning to the harbor—except for two boats—the steam yacht and Sezavich Crusader. Both boats continued up the lake—with the Crusader slowly falling behind.

The steam yacht passed Brighton Beach The steam yacht passed Brighton Beach

Cap and Edith stopped in Two Harbors to spend the night in the Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast, while the steam yacht continued on its slow journey up-lake.

They looked to any who may have observed them as rather wealthy people on a leisurely journey.

They stopped in Grand Marais and booked a three bedroom suite in the high-end East Bay Suites. They stayed for a week—tipped well—and made a show of their wealth. But not in an off-putting, overbearing way.

The City of Grand Marais would long remember, fondly, this group of wealthy individuals. Individuals who would mix amiably with the common-folk—Yah-sure—you-betcha!

The steam yacht was observed by the North Bay Lighthouse keeper during her rounds as it entered the Port of Danger Bay harbor—and admired, “Ol’ Cap oughta get a kick out of that boat.”

The steam yacht was observed The steam yacht was observed

In point of fact—GENTLE READER—We ALL will remember this yacht—soon enough, I’ll warrant!

They won’t be fond memories.



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5 Responses to A large steam yacht

  1. Jack Boardman says:

    Nothing quite like a “home tour” early in the (yawn) morning! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Daisy Boardman says:

    PepperCooper has a NEW WHITE HOUSE on the Lake! AR-ROOO!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    What? Just you two? On Friday? I guess I can’t talk, I didn’t get here either! 😦


  4. Late for the tour, late for yacht sighting even as it took a slooooooow route through the harbour but all was looking good until, the memories will be unfond 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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