Elk City

2015 Port of Danger Bay BannerPreviously: In order for them to have some quality time together and away from the pressures of flipping between centuries and being a lawman they asked Cujo for permission to go away.  This was granted with a happy howl.

All that was left was to decide where to go.  Chris had seen enough deserts to last her till the end of time.  Wyatt wanted to go somewhere where it was very peaceful and quiet.

“I’ve always wanted to travel along the two most iconic highways, US 61, and Route 66,” Wyatt suggested, “I’ve already run 61 from Canada to New Orleans, ‘The Blues Highway,’ with the first stretch no longer ‘US 61,’ but as you know is now ‘MN 61.’ Now I’d like to run ‘Route 66’ at least from St. Louis to California.”

Season 12—Adventure 4—2015 Port of Danger Bay—Episode 5… Four days later we find Chris and Wyatt stopping for lunch in Elk City, Oklahoma.

Chris and Wyatt stop in Elk City Oklahoma Chris and Wyatt stop in Elk City 

“If it is alright with you I would rather head east and do the end in Chicago.  If we go west I will see a lot of the landscape I see when we flip. I would really love to see some green.”

Wyatt had no problem with that and set the GPS (named Gertrude—Gertie for short) to the next town staying as much on 66 itself as they could.  Sadly much of it was not drivable and they had to hit the freeway.

Next up was Missouri where there were a lot of tourist traps, but not much historical value. What was there was unkempt and falling down. Chris’s heart ached for the piece of history the kids of today will never know. Any kind of government funding had been stopped and the citizens of the town just could not keep up with the cost of upkeep.

After Missouri came Illinois and the last part of their trip before heading across the top of the states and back home.

They spent the most time here as there was a lot to see.  Some of it was in Lincoln Illinois which led over to Vidalia Illinois where Abraham Lincoln had a lot of history. The whole town was filled with reminders of this President.

Anticipations built as they headed for the end of the Historic Route 66. There was evidence of it along one small suburb on the outskirts of Chicago. Gertrude said to keep going.  They ended up in a busy part of Chicago. 

Grant Park was where Gertrude said, “You have reached your destination.”  

Chris and Wyatt at Grant Park Chicago Chris and Wyatt at Grant Park Chicago

Grant Park is right on Lake Michigan and a beautiful place, but where were the signs telling them they had reached the end of Route 66?

Wyatt and Chris parked and walked up and down the street. 

Chris even got the binoculars out and scouted across the street and the cross traffic street too.  Chris asked, “Why is there no indication of the end?” 

Wyatt had no answer for that.  He knew Chris was feeling sadness over this. 

“Let’s go into the park and walk around a bit” Wyatt suggested. 

Chris nodded and they walked in to a beautiful area full of flowers and statues and fountains.  They even walked to the water edge and stuck their toes in Lake Michigan.   

“I feel much cheated like there is no ending to this adventure.”

MEANWHILE—Boomer & Daisy headed for Cyber Saint Paul—they hadn’t been there in many a year. They stopped first on St. Paul’s “West Side” at an ancient white oak tree, IRL Boomer had dubbed, “The Wicked Tree.”

Boomer & Daisy visited the Wicked Tree

Boomer & Daisy visited the Wicked Tree

Both noticed the haze, “Alpha-Jack, how is it there is haze—isn’t cyber St. Paul covered by computer-controlled climate?”

“It is! Perhaps we should consult Councilmember Thune.”

“Maybe after we get some food—we missed breakfast.”

“Oxendale’s Market is close, we’ll head there.”

“Maybe the climate control failure is localized—just here,” Daisy suggested.

They found Oxendale’s cloudy, “Nope, not here.”

Boomer and Daisy stop at Oxendale’s Market Boomer and Daisy stop at Oxendale’s Market

“We can go to the K-Mart, they have the best price on my favorite food.”

So—they headed down the road—and what did they find?

IRL Boomer’s Macho Minivan!

Boomer and Daisy stop at KMart Boomer and Daisy stop at KMart

“Wait! How can IRL me be here?” Boomer asked.

“A warp in the Cyber & IRL World border?”

“LOOK! IRL me is coming out of the store!”

Cue: “Twilight Zone Theme



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11 Responses to Elk City

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Looks like we are going to have a lot of history!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. lhalvor says:

    Like the Wikee Tree and Grant Park. Didn’t know where the routes went.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. lhalvor says:

    You know it was cyber world that misspelled the tree to Wickee!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. lhalvor says:

    They were wrong on that too. Inuit Wickie?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sarah Cooper says:

    You’re running into yourself?! Will there be lighting? Will a black hole rip through space and time?! Will that wicked tree uproot and wander off … ?!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Just when you thought life couldn’t get scarier another Boomer shows up……run for the hills!

    Liked by 1 person

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