An ethereal voice

2015 Port of Danger Bay BannerPreviously: “Ralph and I did as we were flying—we almost had an air-to-air collision with a RW Learjet at 20,000 feet—it faded-out just as we would have collided.”

“Wyatt and I had our place flicker out and in just as we turned into our driveway as we returned from our vacation.”

“I suggest you folks move over a few feet,” Paul quipped, “There was a pine tree where you are standing just a half-hour ago. I reckon that answers that question.”

“Merle and I have noticed this as well,” Big Mac McIntyre said, “The Cabin-on-the-Rock disappeared and we found ourselves standing with tourists looking-out over the bay—just for a split-second. It took several long minutes for that to register with each of us. Fortunately, we were standing behind the tourists so they never saw us.”

It was then that Cujo arrived among our heroes, “I know I wasn’t invited as I am not of the RW, but I’m very-interested in this discussion—may I remain?”

“Of course,” Sarah replied, “We’re glad to have you.”

Sarah no sooner finished speaking when our heroes found themselves standing in a forest.

Season 12—Adventure 4—2015 Port of Danger Bay—Episode 8… Fortunately, no one was impaled by a tree—but still the change to RW was quite unnerving for our heroes. What surprised all was Cujo was still with them!

“I cannot be here!” she exclaimed.

Our heroes standing in the forest “I cannot be here!” she exclaimed

“And yet you are here—c’mere Cujo,” an obviously emotional Boomer said, “I REALLY need to give you a good petting.”

For the first time since 2002, Cujo was no longer an apparition—but a solid real dog. Daisy too was beside herself with happy as she gamboled over to her “big sister.”

For her part, Cujo wagged all over for quite some time—as she did in life when given this kind of attention.

“I really hate to interrupt,” Mac rumbled, “But we’re in a heck of a fix.”

“Thanks Mac,” Cujo reluctantly broke away from Boomer and Daisy, “I may be temporarily a corporeal dog, I still know what’s happening at some level. We need help from one who has the ability to be in three places at once: the RW, CW and The Great Beyond.”

“No one can do that,” Jay Cooper said, “Or is there one, do you know who, Cujo?”

“I do—I just can’t access that memory.”

“How can we help?”

“No need,” an ethereal voice out of nowhere and everywhere was heard—or felt by all, I can help you.”



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6 Responses to An ethereal voice

  1. Well I sure don’t know what’s coming next, maybe that’s just as well.

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  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Thank goodness someone knows what to do!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Chris Shouse says:

    I don’t know what is coming either…OH MY 😦 Hope that is a friendly voice!

    Liked by 2 people

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