Disappearing Daisy

2015 Port of Danger Bay BannerPreviously: “I wonder to where, or when, they’ve gone?” Linda thought out loud.

“I guess we’ll have to wait for their return,” Merle rumbled, “Another ale, please, Paul.”

“Coming right up,” Paul replied, “This bigass eagle is good people?”

“Oh yes—she is,” Chris smiled, “She has come to our rescue many times.”

“And with Cujo, our greatest ally on many an adventure,” Sarah added, “Usually assisting Flutters, and making him maintain his focus—instead of wandering off and discussing his mythical “Master.”

The dog-people were off by themselves so their humans did not overhear their conversation…

“I think maybe I know,” Buttons offered, “Remember Schwärzentaube & Pluribux Baldja?”

“But, where they were sent—they cannot escape!” Daisy replied.

“They were very clever,” Buttons was certain she was right.

“Y’know, Daisy, Buttons could be on to something—you shouldn’t make any assumptions.”

Season 12—Adventure 4—2015 Port of Danger Bay—Episode 11… Clearly—Pepper was correct as we find Karma and Cujo in the ether where they had imprisoned Schwärzentaube & Pluribux Baldja—and found it empty!

“How can this be?”

Schwärzentaube & Pluribux Baldja had disappeared “How can this be?”

“They absolutely could not have escaped—without outside help, Cujo. There is a new player in this, I suspect—more powerful than the two of us combined.”

“Who in the universe could have such power?”

“At this point, I have no idea.”

Cujo grinned, “I think I have an idea…”

MEANWHILE—at the Tardis Tavern… “Waiting is not easy for me,” Chris paced the floor, “I feel we have to do something!”

“Yes we do,” Big Mac replied, “But, sadly—it’s to wait and place our trust in our friends.”

“I’m with Chris—gimme my guns and let me at them,” Linda was, of course, being facetious.

That broke the tension for a while—and our heroes drifted into mundane conversations. Their thoughts, however, continued to drift back to the on and off merging of the real and cyber worlds.

Soon they settled into small groups spread-out around the patio—small talk devolved into silently worrying about their future lives if Karma and Cujo failed.  

Daisy was thinking about her response to Buttons—and realized that Pepper’s admonishment was deserved, “You’re right, Pepper—I was assuming. And Schwärzentaube & Pluribux Baldja are very clever. You know who else is very clever? Someone who’s tall-tales and what we believe to be delusions AND who is only of cyberspace…”

Daisy didn’t finish her sentence before she—DISAPPEARED!



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10 Responses to Disappearing Daisy

  1. lhalvor says:

    Oh noooooooo

    Liked by 2 people

  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    “At this point, I have no idea.”

    Neither do I! :-/

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Chris Shouse says:

    I don’t have a clue either 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well didn’t see that coming…..I have that in common with Daisy.


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