Headed Out Of Elk City

Vacation BannerPreviously: Sarah & Jay decided to fly to cyber West Virginia in Sarah’s P38J Lightning, and soon they were out over Lake Superior. They could trade-off piloting as needed—or engage the autopilot and let the airplane navigate itself.

“I’m pretty excited to see what cyber West Virginia looks like.”

“I expect it to look like RW West Virginia—without mudslides & floods,” Jay replied.

Linda & Ralph planned on exploring Lake Superior in their houseboat—a long uninterrupted, leisure exploration of their favorite places along the North Shore. This would include (of COURSE) Duluth’s Canal Park!

Chris & Wyatt decided to continue their vacation where they turned east to Chicago at Elk City, Oklahoma and perhaps go all the way to Los Angeles, California. Wyatt had never seen the Pacific Ocean & hoped they’d make it all the way there.

Season 12—Adventure 5—Vacations—Episode 2… After two days of determined driving Chris and Wyatt arrived at Elk City, Oklahoma and checked-in to an historic hotel, where, among other things, they planned their stops along Route 66.

Chis and Wyatt check in at Elk City OK

Chis and Wyatt check in at Elk City OK

With plenty of time for this vacation they decided if they wanted to take detours and see other places—that would be perfect.

Heading out of Elk City towards the west was an exhilarating feeling—free, and in great spirits. 

Elk City is only a couple of hours to the Texas border. Just at the very top and called The Panhandle. 

They stopped in Texola, Oklahoma, really close to the border—a ghost town. There are a few buildings still standing. The Jail even had pictures on the wall. 

“Can you imagine if we were Marshals in this time period and worked out of this small space?” Wyatt joked.

Chris gave him a look, since he knew she was claustrophobic.

There was also a bar called the Texola Bar. 

It had a sign on it:

“There’s No Other Place Like This Place 
Anywhere Near This Place, So This Must Be The Place.”
It also said it was open on Friday Nights.

“I wonder who comes here—maybe it is a ghostly experience?” Chris laughed.

Just on the other side of the bar they crossed into the great state of Texas. 



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7 Responses to Headed Out Of Elk City

  1. lhalvor says:

    Is that Miss Kitty in the window?

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  2. Crossed to the other side? OH NO!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    I bet that’s the place.

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  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    GLAD to learn THIS:

    “There’s No Other Place Like This Place
    Anywhere Near This Place,
    So This Must Be The Place.”

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