Vacations Banner(Story-line and photo-background by Sarah Cooper)

Previously: Jay was particularly interested in the tug, John Purvis: In December 1956, Roen Steamship Company of Sturgeon Bay purchased the John Purves and put her to work on all five Great Lakes taking on towing and salvage jobs. The Purves was well known throughout the Great Lakes for her strength and towing capabilities. In fact, due to her might, she made a good living after the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway, rescuing many a saltwater vessel that ran aground in the tricky channels of the Great Lakes.

Too soon their visit had to come to an end—they returned to Cherryland Airport strapped-in to the refueled P-38J “Judy Ann”—and left for Cyber West Virginia, “Now THAT was a worthwhile stop!”

“Especially the winery, right Sarah?”

“C’mon, Jay,” Sarah laughed, “Yes, that was fun—but I loved the Maritime Museum as well!”

Long flights in an airliner can be a bit boring—not so in a P-38—every so often Jay or Sarah would “beat-up a little sky” with some aerobatics. Try that in an airliner!

Season 12—Adventure 5—Vacations—Episode 5… Sarah & Jay landed at Yeager Airport, and after making arrangements for the airplane’s refueling and parking—got down to the serious business of planning their visit to Cyber West Virginia, “We could visit the Capitol Grounds.”

Sarah & Jay landed at Yeager Airport

Sarah & Jay landed at Yeager Airport

“Yes,” Sarah agreed, “Just as long as we also visit the Capitol Market. But first, let’s call my aunt and get a cabin to stay in—if there’s one available.”

There was an available cabin—it seemed somehow Sarah’s aunt was expecting them—go figure.

They drove into Charleston and walked around the city—taking their time and enjoying the fact that in the Cyber-Charleston there had been no floods, no mudslides, no disasters, as in the RW Charleston area.

Hour after hour they walked, occasionally meeting friends and chatting for a time and getting caught-up on the news.

Jay thought he’d like to drive up to Buffalo and stop-in at the Toyota plant, “How about tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” Jay replied, “That’s fine—I suspect there’s another stop you’d like to make…”

They lingered for a while on the Capitol grounds—before… “Okay, let’s go to the Capitol Market Wine & Cheese Shop—and then head for the camp.”

Sarah and Jay at the Capitol Market Wine and Cheese

Sarah and Jay at the Capitol Market Wine and Cheese

“See?” Jay grinned, “I’m hungry.”

Bluegrass Kitchen?”

“That oughta do just fine.”

By the end of the day—both were exhausted—and happy as they pulled into Harold Camp—where Sarah’s aunt greeted them, “How are the girls—and why didn’t you bring them?”

Sarah and Jay arrived at the Elk River cabin

Sarah and Jay arrived at the Elk River cabin

“They’re fine, keeping the home-fires lit and Brianna still likes trees and has many to choose from,” Sarah replied.

“I hear that Danger Bay is a great place—right on Lake Superior.”

“It is,” Jay agreed, “But this is still home in our hearts.”

Thus ends—GENTLE READER—our tale of the Cooper’s vacation—as we return to Chris and Wyatt’s journey as they cross into the Texas Panhandle…


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8 Responses to Charleston!

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    Capitol Market Wine & Cheese Shop


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  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Aaah, I feel like I’ve had a real life vacation! Thank you! 😀

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  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Nice! Cool photo’s as usual and beautiful too! 🙂

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  4. Frances Fogerson says:

    Hey, that looks just like my sister’s place. Go figure!

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