“Be Enchanted”

Vacations BannerPreviously: Over one mile of antiques and collectibles, located along 6th Avenue between Georgia and Western—await the visitor to Historic Route 66 in Amarillo. The neighborhood was one of the city’s first residential and business districts. Featuring buildings that once housed theaters, cafes and drug stores—the historic places now contain antique, craft and specialty shops, music venues and unique dining experiences.

They spent the night in Amarillo and got a lot of tourist gifts for everyone back in Danger Bay.

The next morning they headed for New Mexico. 

Season 12—Adventure 5—Vacations—Episode 7… Chris was reading to Wyatt out of a brochure they picked up: “Welcome to the New Mexico Route 66 Museum – a unique experience and look into the Land of Enchantment’s Route 66 heritage. From Glenrio to Gallup, the Ozark Trails system to today’s Historic Route 66 and everything in between. ‘Be Enchanted’ and explore our state’s 604 miles of original Route 66.”

“Sounds promising” said Chris and Wyatt agreed, as they pulled over in the “Tepee Curios” lot to look over the sites and see what most appealed. 

Chris and Wyatt stopped in Tucomcari They explored the museum in Tucumcari. There was a lot of history here. Old cars and a lot of memorabilia.

“I just love the feel of Texas and New Mexico. I bet I will feel the same about Arizona.  Even if it is the desert it is not the same as being in the 1800’s.  You know how much I love Marty Robbins and all his songs.  I expect to see him come riding up looking for Feleena.”  

Wyatt threw his head back laughing. “That was El Paso and we were nowhere near there.”

Chris sniffed, “I can pretend if I want to, I know he had other songs that were all across this area.”

They decided to spend the night in Santa Rosa. The history there was amazing and there were many buildings of the original. Santa Rosa was part of the original Route 66.

In the early days of Route 66, 1926 through 1937, the old alignment of Route 66 left Santa Rosa to continue on towards Santa Fe, the capitol of New Mexico then drop back down to Albuquerque and Los Lunas. In late 1937 Route 66 was straightened out to go directly to Albuquerque and by pass Santa Fe completely. The story behind that new, shorter alignment to Albuquerque is as interesting as any you’ll find along the Mother Road.

Ah those were the days.

Chris liked the attitude of this town. They wanted to preserve what was left.  Their reasoning was that the Baby Boomers were getting ready to retire and many will want to travel this route. 

They stayed the night at The Plains Motel—having dinner at Joseph’s Bar and Grill circa 1956.

Knowing that Cujo was going to be calling them back at some point and wanting to make it all the way to the end in California they kept driving as far as they could go and ended up in Gall​up for the night.


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6 Responses to “Be Enchanted”

  1. Jack Boardman says:

    This makes me want to climb into #PenelopeTheMachoMinivan and head-on down to New Mexico! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    Collie would spend our ENTIRE “FORTUNE” IN THOSE GIFT SHOPS! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    It’s a good time for a road trip!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Chris Shouse says:

    Awww a time when things were simple and we knew our neighbors and did not have to lock our doors at night! 🙂


  5. lhalvor says:

    Hearing the song in my mind.

    Liked by 1 person

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