A meeting in the Parlor Car

Saskatchewan BannerPreviously: In the RCMP car, Inspector Robert Erik MacIntyre (no relation to Big Mac) and Master-Sergeant Murphy Yatkov were preparing to meet with our heroes, “The outpost must be reinforced—quickly!”

“Yes, Bobby,” Yatkov replied, “The question is: is it even possible?”

“We’ve seen the remarkable speed this train can reach—what I don’t know is how.”

“We could ask…” Yatkov already knew the answer.

“Aye, and they’ll give us the same answer—21st Century magic.”

“They could have brought some of the ‘magic’ along with them. I think they call them ‘SUVs,’ if I’m not mistaken.”

They both laughed.

“Let’s go greet our friends—and ask those questions.”

“Yes Bobby, and watch them squirm!”

Season 12—Adventure 6—Saskatchewan! Episode 2… The two Mounties entered the stable car and stopped—there were no horses in the car, “Where ARE the horses?”

“I have no idea, Bobby,” Yatkov replied, “I see the blacksmith standing just outside—we can ask him.”

They asked—and Farkleberry replied, “Ask the folks in the parlor car—I’d rather they explain this to you.”

“There are no horses, right?”

Farkleberry simply smiled, “They’ll explain—I won’t.”

The two entered the parlor car, “WHERE ARE OUR HORSES?

A meeting in the Parlor Car “Nice to see you Yatkov,” Boomer grinned, “Horses? You never mentioned that we’d require horses.”

“Okay, then,” Inspector MacIntyre grinned, “Where are the SUVs?”

“Still in the 21st Century—where else?” Big Mac grinned.

“And where are your First Nation people? We were expecting them as well.”

“They’re with the horses,” Chris grinned.


It was clear the Inspector was about to suffer a brain hemorrhage so Sarah smiled—ever-so-sweetly, “Come with me, gentlemen.”

When they reached the rear door of the stable car, Sarah slid the door open—and watched a pair of jaws about drop through the floor—as the Mounties saw the lush grass and horses and the Native American camp and people.

“We’ve made a few improvements since the last time we were together. We have a very comfortable camp just over the hill—there are tents set-up there for you and your men. At each campsite there are 21st Century facilities—with hot and cold running water, a mess hall serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner—all the 21st Century comforts we have at home.”

Soon they were joined by the rest of our time-travelers and were taken to the Tardis Pub-tent, complete with Archie McDermid, where they were treated to several rounds of drinks.

They showed the Mounties the stable car features What they didn’t know—is if and when this mission ended—they’d have no memory of these 21st Century treats—Cujo would make certain of that.



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10 Responses to A meeting in the Parlor Car

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Come with me, gentlemen.”


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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    If only this were real..would love walking out there with the horses!

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  3. lhalvor says:



  4. lhalvor says:

    No, silly. The “real” camp!

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  5. Sarah Cooper says:

    It’s like the cupboard door to Narnia! 🙂

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