Paul & Archie?

Saskatchewan BannerPreviously: MEANWHILE—Our heroes on their way to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan… “Those are two fun names to say—‘Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,’ aren’t they?”

“They really are, Sarah,” Chris giggled as she repeated, “Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.”

“Are ye sure this speed is safe, McIntyre?”

“Aye, MacIntyre,” Big Mac replied, “We’ve never hit so much as a wandering Canuck!”

Inspector Robert Erik MacIntyre was not amused—Master-Sergeant Yatkov was—he delighted in his old friend “Bobby’s” discomfort, “Aw—settle-down, Bobby, we’ll be fine—unless…”

“Unless what?”

Season 12—Adventure 6—Saskatchewan! Episode 4… “Unless the modern tracks were moved to where a 19th Century building once existed,” Yatkov laughed.

“Very funny CONSTABLE Yatkov.”

This only caused Yatkov to laugh louder. MacIntyre soon joined him.

The Adventure Train arrived safely—without running through a single building—or over-running a single Canuck, in Saskatoon.

Where they waited for Cujo to find the Daltons.

And waited.

And waited.

About two weeks later—in O’Rourke’s Drift… The Daltons had been in business for a little over a week, and each day as word spread that the card games were honest, more and more folks came from all around O’Rourke’s Drift to try their luck at the Blackjack tables.

Christine and Lacy inside Clarks Pub With the odds already favoring the house, the Daltons were making money—add to that the cheap whiskey they served at a premium price—they were making a tidy profit.

After a few weeks, they had to hire more blackjack dealers—so of course, they sent for some of their own trusted associates, and instructed them to play the game strait—with no cheating.

It was Lacy who came-up with the idea—after a lot of number-crunching, “Let’s have one big winner a day. That won’t hurt us financially, but it will help business by drawing more gamblers—all of whom expect to be the big winner.”

Slowly, as Christine thought about her granddaughter’s suggestion, she came around, “I see—we make a little less profit off each customer—but the lure of a big-money win will bring in more suckers—er—customers. Good idea!”

Lacy’s plan worked just as she imagined it would—sure, it would take longer to make large profits—but no one would accuse them of cheating.

A month later—in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan… “I know where they are!”

“Where’s Cujo?” Chris asked a she casually stroked her .44.

“They’re in O’Rourke’s Drift—pub owners.”

“Let’s go!” Chris grinned.

“No,” Cujo replied, “Almost all of you are known on sight by the Daltons—I have two in mind they don’t know.”


“Paul and Archie.”



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14 Responses to Paul & Archie?

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Where’s Cujo?”


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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    I am here 🙂 Been a little busy this morning but am here now. You used to complain I always beat you and I always could cuz I get them before I go to bed but have been good at letting you comment first 🙂 LOL

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  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    I’m here, too! Somehow my morning routine has drifted.

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