Saskatchewan Banner PREVIOUSLY: The “outlaw” marshals too, were concerned about how easily they’d infiltrated Lacy’s gang. They wondered if this wasn’t an elaborate set-up on Lacy’s part to eliminate the greater threat to the Daltons’ operations. More worrisome still, was how Christine Dalton would react to their presence.

Christine Dalton was far more given to murder in cold blood with little—or no cause, than was her granddaughter. 

Chris moved closer to Sarah and spoke very quietly, “I’m a little worried—this was too easy.”

“It seems to have been, but still—Lacy is no one’s fool. We know this from our past encounters with her.”

“You’re right, of course.”

“We too, are pretty formidable, Chris.”

Formidable enough—GENTLE READER?

Season 12—Adventure 6—Saskatchewan! Episode 17… Meanwhile—the rest of the marshals, after a fine breakfast, saddled-up and also headed for O’Rouke’s Drift divided themselves into two groups: Ralph and Linda, Mac and Merle—with Ralph and Linda riding-out first, accompanied by Flutters, who would fly ahead to look for possible ambushes and provide communications between the two groups—and a half-hour later the McIntyre brothers, accompanied by Daisy—tasked by Boomer to provide nearby intelligence thereby, it was hoped, preventing any surprises along the road.

Ralph and Linda found themselves slowly catching-up to a Conestoga wagon—a perfect target for any highwaymen along the road—Flutters noticed this as well—and flew ahead to check both sides of the road.

It was only a matter of seconds before he returned, “Master says beware of a possible attack 100 yards ahead!”

“Thanks Flutters,” Linda tensed a little, “Please tell the others following us.”

Linda and Ralph rode quickly beside the Conestoga, “Ambush! Get ready!”

“Get yer guns out, folks!” the driver called back into the wagon—the two women and one man grabbed their old flintlock muskets and prepared as best they could.

“You folks oughta just lie down in the wagon—in the middle with as much obstructions between you and the sides of the wagon. We’ll deal with the attackers.”

Highwaymen about to attack“By yourselves?”

“Yes,” Linda replied, “Seems like an even fight to me.”

Both Linda and Ralph un-looped their guns—Linda grinning and Ralph frowning.

The highwaymen made their first mistake, “Alright! This is a hold-up, drop your guns and raise your hands!”

That tactic had always worked. They were a bit surprised when Linda and Ralph calmly looked at them, “Are you kidding?”

Not just a bit—totally!

They hesitated.

Linda and Ralph did not—just an eye-blink later—nine highwaymen-wannabes lay dead or wounded.

The survivors would soon look for another occupation.

The dead would not.



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7 Responses to Highwaymen

  1. Linda Halvorson says:

    I did pretty good for being new to guns, huh?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    It’s a tough world out there!

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