Five minutes later—they were gone

Saskatchewan Part Deux Banner PREVIOUSLY: “I’m meeting Cujo for a road-trip,” Boomer replied.

“Oh,” Chris sounded disappointed.

“You know, Chris—Ralph and Linda are preparing to take to the lake on a cruise—I’ll just bet they’d love to have you join them. They asked me, but I have the chance to hang with Cujo…”

Just then Ralph and Linda walked out of their cabin, “Hey Chris! If you’re interested—we have a cabin on the trawler with your name on it!”

Chris jumped at the offer—she and Linda got along quite well, and Ralph? He gets along with everyone.

Too quickly the week passed—and our heroes all drifted back to the Tardis Pub.

Season 12—Adventure 7—Saskatchewan Part Deux! Episode 2… Big Mac and Merle McIntyre were happy—the never-ending “honey-do” list was put back on hold—although they might not admit it—both were pleased at the progress made on the Cabin-on-the-Rock. Collie, for her part—was pleased as well—but just might not admit it to her husband and brother-in-law.

Paul and Archie were ready for yet another adventure—their weekend staff had done quite-well in their absence the previous weekend—proving to both that, perhaps, they’d been over-managing—something all entrepreneurs should learn—but many do not.

Sarah and Jay Cooper had a great week—hanging-out with the girls (who would soon be back at school) and tending to their hobbies and avocations—I have no idea—GENTLE READER—how many craft projects Sarah started/completed—but I do know the Lar Farkleberry found a kindred-spirit in his love for classic cars—and cars  in general. Jay and Lar had become close-enough friends so that Lar dropped his “hic-speech” affectation when the two of them were out of earshot of others.

Our heroes all drifted back to the Tardis Pub Boomer, Chris, Linda and Ralph were just itchin’ to get back on the pursuit of the Daltons “up-nort” in Saskatchewan.

Out of sight, Cujo observed her human friends and noticed they all seemed happy to be returning to the past. She was, as always, concerned for their safety—sure, she could bend time to a point BEFORE one of her friends were hurt or—killed—but they would experience the pain, astonishment and fear all feel, if even for a split-second, when that sort of thing happens.

She made herself visible to her friends, “Hello all. You will soon find yourselves exactly where you were when you left Saskatchewan, so make yourselves ready. There is little else I can tell you, now—other than you’ll be leaving in five minutes.”

The time-travelers finished their drinks and food—and wished each-other luck.

Five minutes later—they were gone from the 21st Century.


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6 Responses to Five minutes later—they were gone

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Leaving in five minutes? Bathroom break, anyone?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Here we go into danger again 🙂 With an itchy finger away we go!

    Liked by 1 person

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