That works for me

Return of Chris and Sarah Banner ©2016 Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Whose turn is it to cook dinner?” Linda asked, fearing the answer.


“Good answer.”

Boomer reached for the door…

Inside—Giordano was ready…

Thus ends not only this Adventure—but Season 12.

Season 13—Adventure 1—Return of Chris and Sarah—Episode 1… NOOOO!—Don’t go inside!”

NOOOO—Don’t go inside ©2016 Jack Boardman¬¬¬“NOOOO!—Don’t go inside!”

Boomer and Linda both turned towards a familiar voice, “Sarah! Chris!” Linda exclaimed, “Why not? And why are you…”

Linda didn’t finish her question as both Sarah and Chris, dressed for the 1800s, ran past them and into the cabin with guns drawn.

They heard the reports of a modern Colt .45 automatic pistol and two cap & ball .44s and then the thud of a body hitting the wood floor.

Both ran inside with their weapons out—fearful of what they might find.

They found Chris and Sarah holstering their respective .44s and a quite dead Giordano Minicucci lying on the floor.

ONE-EYE!” Boomer exclaimed as he rushed out the back door to the hatch leading to the basement quarters of Captain Braddock Farkleberry. He was followed by his friends, Daisy and Cujo.

Farkleberry looked surprised at their arrival, “Hello my friends, what brings you to my lair?”

Farkleberry looked surprised at their arrival ©2016 Jack BoardmanFarkleberry looked surprised at their arrival

“You didn’t hear the gunfire?”

“Um, no,” He replied, “But I was tuning my transceiver, and I was wearing noise cancelling headphones—so that’s no great surprise.”

“I think now, would be a good time,” Boomer was thinking out loud, “For me to visit our next-door neighbors—they must be concerned about Minicucci’s absence by now.”

“Um,” Sarah looked concerned, “Won’t the required autopsy reveal he was shot by cap and ball pistols?”

“No Sarah,” Cujo replied, “The medical examiner will find Colt .45 ACP bullets in Minicucci.”

“Calling the marshal’s office now,” Linda said, “Boomer and I should fire off a couple of rounds from our .45s.”

“No need,” Cujo wagged her tail, “Although you will remember what actually happened, I just took you back in time long enough for you and Alpha-Jack to shoot Minicucci.”

“I should have guessed.”

Boomer waited until Town Marshal Simpson (another cameo role for Big A) had finished his initial investigation, and Minicucci’s body removed to the county medical examiner’s office, before leaving to visit the neighbors, “I’ll go with you Deputy US Marshal Boomer,” Simpson grinned as they walked out to Simpson’s squad, “To break the news to Minicucci’s wife.”

“You won’t be blowing my cover-right?”

You won’t be blowing my cover ©2016 Jack Boardman“You won’t be blowing my cover-right?”

“What—and have RW-you change me back to my old self?” Simpson was a realist, “They already believe I’m corrupt, so having you with me will suggest you are corruptible.”

“That works for me.”


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10 Responses to That works for me

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Boy Sarah and I are fast!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    “You won’t be blowing my cover-right?”

    “Bigass” KNOWS BETTER! 😀


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