“Okay, DISH!”

Return of Chris and Sarah Banner ©2016 Jack Boardman¬¬¬PREVIOUSLY: “Calling the marshal’s office now,” Linda said, “Boomer and I should fire off a couple of rounds from our .45s.”

“No need,” Cujo wagged her tail, “Although you will remember what actually happened, I just took you back in time long enough for you and Alpha-Jack to shoot Minicucci.”

“I should have guessed.”

Boomer waited until Town Marshal Simpson (another cameo role for Big A) had finished his initial investigation, and Minicucci’s body removed to the county medical examiner’s office, before leaving to visit the neighbors, “I’ll go with you Deputy US Marshal Boomer,” Simpson grinned as they walked out to Simpson’s squad, “To break the news to Minicucci’s wife.”

“You won’t be blowing my cover-right?”

“What—and have RW-you change me back to my old self?” Simpson was a realist, “They already believe I’m corrupt, so having you with me will suggest you are corruptible.”

“That works for me.”

Season 13—Adventure 1—Return of Chris and Sarah—Episode 1… “Okay, DISH!”

Okay, DISH ©2016 Jack Boardman¬¬¬“Okay, DISH!”

“About what, Linda?” Sarah asked, “It seems you and Boomer have had quite an adventure, thus far.”

“If you mean,” Chris grinned, “What we discovered—we know the truth.”


“I am Lacy Dalton,” Chris grinned even wider—for a moment, and frowned, “This confirmed my suspicions—and Cujo’s, as to why we cannot ever kill Lacy.”

“And,” Cujo added, “Why you must not kill Christine, as we learned when the universe has planned her death—it will be, must be, of natural causes.”

“When will we return to the past?” Sarah asked.

“I’m not sure,” Cujo replied, “That Minicucci was killed came as a bit of a surprise to me. The Apoloni-DeSantino Gang leadership was supposed to remain intact—and yet here we are—with Giordano dead. I did not foresee this.”

“Outside interference?”

“No, sometimes I make a mistake—I AM a dog, first, after all,” Cujo laughed, “But I always remember to go outside to ‘powder my snout,’ if you catch my drift.”

MEANWHILE—Boomer and Big A—er—Town Marshal Simpson… arrived at Gina’s cabin with Simpson the bearer of bad news, “I’m afraid I have some unfortunate news, Giordano Minicucci is dead. He attempted to murder Jack and Linda—and was gunned-down in self-defense.”

Giordano Minicucci is dead ©2016 Jack BoardmanGiordano Minicucci is dead

“Thank you, Jack,” Gina replied, “And pass that on to Linda, as well.”

Neither Boomer nor Simpson’s face registered surprise at her response to the news—nor to what she said next…

“Welcome to Apoloni-DeSantino Enterprises!”

And now GENTLE READER—Just for fun—the transformation of Big-A, from 2007 to the present:

The transformation of Big A ©Jack BoardmanBig-A, from 2007 to the present


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7 Responses to “Okay, DISH!”

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    Big A HAS changed over the years. Now a GOOD GUY? 😛

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Oh, those early days! Nothing like the detail now, but I’ve always loved your style!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Chris Shouse says:

    I was not there at the first but I remember these types of drawings. They have surely evolved but everything you do has been awesome!!

    Liked by 1 person

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