I’ve been expecting you Mattie

I’ve been expecting you Mattie ©Jack Boardman

“I’ve been expecting you Mattie, welcome to The Great Beyond!”

Cujo, the Great Northern Beagamute, and current “Keeper-of-the-Gate” into The Great Beyond (located just down the trail from the Rainbow Bridge) greeted a new arrival, “I’ve been expecting you Mattie, welcome to The Great Beyond!”

“I was in so much pain—and now…”

“All your pain is gone and—you can speak.”

“What is this place you call ‘The Great Beyond’?”

“It is a special part of a place some call ‘Heaven,’ where all creatures go when their time on earth has ended.”

“Even cats?”

“Yes, even cats.”

“What about my Joey? I so miss my Joey.”

“Oh, Joey misses you so very much, and he is grieving your leaving. We dog-people live on earth for only a short time,” Cujo replied, “One day he will be here, just like one day my little sister Daisy, and my Alphas Jack and Teresa, and the rest of my human family.”

“Will Joey be here soon?”

“That is not mine to know,” Cujo replied, “But I know when his time is done on earth, he will be here.”

“Do all humans come here?” Mattie asked.

“No. Some humans do not because they mistreated their creatures.”

“Where do they go?”

“That, too, is not mine to know,” Cujo replied, “As long as they’re not in Heaven, I really don’t care.”

“Do all creatures come here?”

“Yes,” Cujo replied, “There is unlimited space here for all sentient creatures, big and small.”

“Fleas and ticks?”

“They are not sentient.”


About Daisy Boardman

I'm a Looong-legged Beagle, and I have something to say!
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6 Responses to I’ve been expecting you Mattie

  1. Linda Halvorson says:



  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Who is Mattie? This is sad but happy at the same time 😦 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jack Boardman says:

      Mattie was a friend’s dog and she recently died. Joey is a personal friend of Linda’s and a Facebook friend of mine. It was something I felt I had to do for Joey.

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