They were searching for Lacy

Pioneer Moosehead County Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: They continued to the stable, where the owner, for a small fee, was quite happy to feed and quarter the horses and watch over their belongings. The owner would be kept honest by Daisy & Pepper, who were uninterested in coffee, and were confident their humans would see to their meals. Besides, it gave them a feeling of contributing to the mission.

“We should scout the town before we stop at the saloon,” Big Mac suggested, “I see a lot has changed since I was marshal here.”

Finally, after touring the town, they arrived at the saloon—imagine their surprise when they were greeted by…

Lacy Dalton!

“Howdy, friends!”

Season 13—Adventure 2—Pioneer Moosehead County—Episode 3… “Friends?” Boomer asked, “Really?”

Lacy Dalton greeted them, “Howdy friends” ©Jack Boardman“Friends?” Boomer asked, “Really?”

“We were never really enemies—just on the other side of the law,” Lacy grinned, “You folks somehow managed to disappear in 1873—I would be interested in how.”

“We can travel through time,” Boomer laughed, “We simply left 1873, and went to 2016.”

When the truth is outrageous—it becomes a tall-tale—Lacy laughed loud and long before, “After you left, Grandmother Christine’s little operation soon failed. She never quite recovered, and passed in 1875 quietly, in her sleep.”

Sarah noticed the calendar on the front wall of the saloon—the date was October 23, 1878—and wished Chris was with them, as they were talking to her in another lifetime. She guessed correctly that Lacy was headed for St. Joseph, Missouri, “So what are your plans—since we can’t seem catch you breaking the law?”

“You may choose not to believe me, but I’ve gone straight,” she replied, “That was grandmother’s final wish for me. I’m going home to Saint Joseph to start a new life.”

“I can’t help but to believe you,” Sarah said, “When will you leave?”

“I can’t leave yet,” She replied, “I have two former members of my gang with me—Juan Mendoza and Jeb Clark, they’re at the hotel across the street. There are those who want me dead.”

“Who?” Boomer asked.

“The Slater brothers and as many as a dozen or so of their friends, not to mention one who calls himself ‘Hawk,’ a changeling. Would you folks ride with me to St. Joe?”

“No,” Jay Cooper replied, “The best place to take-on your enemies is right here in Moosehead County—it is our home and we know it better than any place on earth.”

MEANWHILE—Just outside on the street… Ten strangers rode into town…

Just outside on the street ©Jack BoardmanJust outside on the street

…They were searching for Lacy.


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8 Responses to They were searching for Lacy

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh dear!!! I feel a gunfight coming on and I am not there!!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Jack Boardman says:

    DANGIT! In the first image made the people too small… or the table TOO TALL! :-/

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Home field advantage!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    As I read this… I’m preparing my “MARE’S LEG” for SHOOTIN’! 😀


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