Aboard the Adventure Train… Again!

Pioneer Moosehead County Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Good luck with that idea, Lacy,” Chris laughed, “Have you ever wondered how we get around so quickly?”

“You do seem to appear out of nowhere, yes.”

“Look down the track.”

As she looked a train was approaching; silently, with no smoke coming from the stack, “How?”

“That would require a very-long explanation,” Chris grinned, “And you really should just trust us. When the train stops, you and your friends follow me into passenger car.”

“While I take care of your horses and load them aboard the stable car,” Sarah added.

“Wait,” Lacy said, “Before you go, Sarah, I have a question for you both; would you please be my bride’s-matrons? There is no one else for me to ask; I don’t have any girlfriends.”

Sarah immediately replied with an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

Chris, after considering that she would be participating in her own wedding for a second or two, replied; successfully sounding enthusiastic, “Yes, I too would be honored!”

Season 13—Adventure 2—Pioneer Moosehead County—Episode 8—Scene 1…Aboard the “Adventure Train.” “Wow! This here is a fine railroad car; I ain’t never seen the like!”

Aboard the Adventure Train ©Jack BoardmanAboard the Adventure Train

“Me neither, Jeb,” Juan Mendoza agreed, “And it is so quiet; how is this possible?”

“Twenty-First Century technology,” Chris grinned, “Something you won’t remember after this trip is completed; so, enjoy it now.”

“How fast are we travelling?” Lacy asked, “The trees are a blur.”

“Would you believe 250 miles per hour?” Chris replied, “There is no possible way for the Slaters to keep up; much less figure out where we’re going.”

“There’s only one other car, the one with our horses,” Jebediah Clark asked, “Where do we sleep?”

“Don’t mind Jeb,” Juan laughed, “The floor will do fine.”

Scene 2… In the Rail Car.

“Upstairs,” Sarah replied, “Men’s quarters through the door at the front of the car and women’s at the rear.”

In the Rail Car ©Jack BoardmanIn the Rail Car


“Yes,” Chris laughed, “Upstairs. We’ll take a tour in a bit. On this level we have the lounge, kitchen and other amenities. We take turns cooking; you may plan on taking your turn.”

“We’ll also give you a tour of the stable car,” Sarah added, “Our native friends enjoy camping there over the upstairs quarters.”

“Why does this not surprise me?” Lacy facetiously asked, “I suppose you have your own blacksmith as well.”

“We do,” Sarah replied, “Doesn’t everyone?”

“A saloon, I hope?” Jebediah asked, “A fella sometimes just needs a little rotgut whiskey.”

“Third floor,” Sarah smiled, “I could go for a glass of wine; c’mon, let’s go.”

Moments after trudging up two flights of stairs, they were standing outside the Adventure Train Saloon.

Outside the Adventure Train Saloon ©Jack BoardmanOutside the Adventure Train Saloon


“Si, Jeb, si!”


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9 Responses to Aboard the Adventure Train… Again!

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Fun train, I would love to travel on it!
    “I Suppose You Have Your Own Blacksmith”
    ” We Do!Doesn’t everyone?”
    LMBO 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Jack Boardman says:

    Of COURSE we have our own blacksmith—we’re CIVILIZED! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Third floor,” Sarah smiled, “I could go for a glass of wine; c’mon, let’s go.”

    Why did I forget to show them the FOURTH FLOOR? :-/


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