A reunion of all “The Codgers™”

Codgers Return Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Are you planning on settling here in Danger Bay?” Kiwi asked, “We’d love to have you.”

“We thought about it,” Jay replied, “But our former waitress; now boat captain Molly Halloran operates out of Danger Bay Harbor, right?”

“Yes, she does,” Kiwi replied, “In fact, she’s on an extended tour now; she’ll not return for two weeks.”

“That’s disappointing,” Jay said, “We’ll be basing our operation out of Lakeview City, so as to not compete directly with Molly. Our tour boat is scheduled to arrive here today.”

“Have you found a place?”

“Not certain, yet Hiram, But Boomer has a cabin for us to look at.”

“Yup!” Boomer added, “We actually have two cabins, Captain One-Eye Farkleberry rents one and a second larger cabin next door.”

“Now THAT’S interesting, a Farkleberry we haven’t met.”

Season 13—Adventure 3—Codgers Return—Episode 2—Scene 1… At Sezavich’s Dock… There she awaited; “The Superior Traveler,” a custom altered new Crusader Class boat, lengthened from the usual sixty-foot Crusader to seventy feet at the waterline.

Superior Traveler ©Jack Boardman“The Superior Traveler”

“Perfect!” Jay Merton exclaimed after he checked the craft from stem to stern, “She’s a fine craft.”

Scene 2… At Hidden Cove… Right on schedule the converted Crusader Class boat arrived at Cap Sezavich’s mooring, and the Codgers, Sarah and Boomer made the one-hour trip to Hidden Cove.

They made the short walk up from the cove to the cabins to the new Codger Lodge, where they found Mac and Captain Braddock Farkleberry waiting for them.

It was a Codger reunion; to be sure.

The new Codger Lodge ©Jack BoardmanIt was a Codger reunion; to be sure.

Big Mac had already prepared for his old friends, aided by Captain One-Eye Braddock Farkleberry, not to mention AJ Boardman, who found 1949 Hudson station wagon and quickly modified it for the codgers. One-Eye would offer his services, along with his Crusader Class boat to the codgers, should the need arise.

“I suspect even our ‘not quite 60’ friend is, by now, a ‘Codger’,” Jay Merton grinned.

“I’ll never be a ‘Codger’ in the same sense as you five; the title ‘The Codgers’ belongs to you five, and you alone,” Boomer replied, “The Codgers are legend around these parts.”

“Clearly,” Harold Peterson observed, “This new ‘Codger Lodge’ appears far superior to the old one; and those cars are perfect.”

“Gentlemen,” Mac rumbled, “Allow me to introduce Captain Braddock Farkleberry. One-Eye, these gentlemen are Jay Merton, Medford Ambrose, Harold Peterson and Fred Jaworski.”

“I’m an experienced lake captain,” One Eye said, “I offer my services to you gentlemen.”

“Let’s talk,” Medford replied.


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5 Responses to A reunion of all “The Codgers™”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    “Codger Lodge” — love that!

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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Love The Codger Lodge! 🙂


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