“We have an assassination to plan”

Codgers Return Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Big Mac had already prepared for his old friends, aided by Captain One-Eye Braddock Farkleberry, not to mention AJ Boardman, who found 1949 Hudson station wagon and quickly modified it for the codgers. One-Eye would offer his services, along with his Crusader Class boat to the codgers, should the need arise.

“I suspect even our ‘not quite 60’ friend is, by now, a ‘Codger’,” Jay Merton grinned.

“I’ll never be a ‘Codger’ in the same sense as you five; the title ‘The Codgers’ belongs to you five, and you alone,” Boomer replied, “The Codgers are legend around these parts.”

“Clearly,” Harold Peterson observed, “This new ‘Codger Lodge’ appears far superior to the old one; and those cars are perfect.”

“Gentlemen,” Mac rumbled, “Allow me to introduce Captain Braddock Farkleberry. One-Eye, these gentlemen are Jay Merton, Medford Ambrose, Harold Peterson and Fred Jaworski.”

“I’m an experienced lake captain,” One Eye said, “I offer my services to you gentlemen.”

“Let’s talk,” Medford replied.

Season 13—Adventure 3—Codgers Return—Episode 2—Scene 1… Hidden Cove Dock… The Codgers™, including Big Mac, Sarah Cooper, newly-minted Sheriff Boomer, and Captain One-Eye Farkleberry, adjourned to the Hidden Cove Dock to look-over their new boat, Superior Traveler, “She’s a fine craft.”

At the Hidden Cove Dock ©Jack Boardman“She’s a fine craft.”

“Thank you captain Farkleberry,” Jay Merton had been thinking the same thing.

“She’ll handle just about anything Superior can dish out with that Crusader hull design; the additional ten-foot waterline length she has, will help a lot,” Farkleberry continued.

“We’ll need a dingy to get to and from the moorings,” Mac observed, “Hey Sheriff, how about your boat? She’s just hanging-out at your place in Danger Bay.”

“Way ahead of you, Mac, AJ is bringing the boat here as we speak,” the sheriff replied, “We need a patrol boat, and it can double as transportation to and from the moored boats.”

“We’ll need a dock office shack here,” Medford observed, “To provide a safe place to keep boat keys and other shared items.”

“A fuel port as well; my brother Lar can set us up with that.”

“Well, then,” Harold Peterson grinned, “Let’s get going; nothing’s getting-down while we jawbone here!”

Episode 2—Scene 2… At the Apoloni-DeSantino cabin… Gina and Bambi had just learned that Boomer was the new county sheriff; and some things that been occurring began to make sense, “That bastard and his wife…”

“…Led us down the path,” Bambi finished Gina’s thought, “We’ve been properly had!”

“Where’s Aleeve?”

The Apoloni-DeSantino cabin ©Jack Boardman“Where’s Aleeve?”

“In town getting supplies,” Gina replied, “He should be back soon.”

“Good,” Gina smiled, “We have an assassination to plan.”  



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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Nothing more dangerous than two women bent on revenge 😦

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