Zero dark thirty

Codgers Return Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “There, Bambi,” Gina grinned, “Is where we assassinate Sheriff Boomer.”

“Only if we can find some reliable help in Chicago.”

“Do you really think that will be a problem?”

“No, I just like to worry.”

“There’s a couple of fellas in Minneapolis, I’d like to talk to before we go all the way to Chicago,” Aleeve was thinking out loud, “They have a solid reputation; and have kept themselves below the radar in the cities.”

“Why didn’t you mention this earlier?”

“I’d forgotten their names; and try as I might the names didn’t come to me until just now. Craig Zachman and Ronald Glaub.”

“Suffering a little ‘CRS’ there, husband?”

“Well, yeah; I just turned forty.”

Editor’s Note: This is where we jump ahead a few days GENTLE READERS to engage the Codgers™; after all this Adventure is about US, not Codger™ wannabe, Boomer. We’ll get back to the DiSantino-Apoloni gang soon-enough!

Season 13—Adventure 3—Codgers Return—Episode 4—Scene 1… The Codger™ Lodge… Big Mac arrived at the Codger™ Lodge at precisely zero dark thirty; and found Jay and Med already enjoying mugs of “Freshly-Brewed, Organically Grown, Fair Trade, Sumatra-Blend, Dark Roast Coffee” already made; as if they were waiting just for his arrival.

Inside the Codger LodgeBig Mac arrived at the Codger™ Lodge at precisely zero dark thirty

Jay quickly poured the first three mugs of that elixir-of-the-gods, “Where are Harold and Fred?”

“Sleeping-in as usual,” Med replied, “They’d be late for their own funerals.”

“Untrue,” Mac replied, “Real World me was early, and they were both already there.”

“Real World humor,” Jay cracked, “Geeze, Carl, ain’t nothin’ sacred?”

“I seem to recall making that same joke as I arrived at both their funerals,” Med replied, “It’s not a disrespectful remark, just funeral humor to alleviate our sorrow at losing a close friend.”

“What about my funeral?”

“Boomer beat me to it, or I would have.”

“Hey!” Harold interrupted from above, “We’re here and on our way. Get that coffee poured!”

“Done, lay-abouts,” Jay replied, “Speaking of Boomer, why isn’t he here? He’s dang-near seventy; it’s about time to induct him as a Codger™.”

“He’s retired in the Real World; but here he’s still working.”

“County sheriff? Seems to me he could drop-by before work.”

“I’m pretty-sure that right now he’s working on his genealogy; precisely why I’m writing these stories, now.”

“Okay, then, you just write him as stopping by here on his way to work,” Medford persisted, “And have him bring Sarah Cooper, and his cousin and her husband; he’s definitely a Codger, from what I’ve read.”

“Yeah, alright, dammit,” Mac gave-in, “Starting in the next episode.”

“See that you do!”


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6 Responses to Zero dark thirty

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Codger wanna be lol 🙂

    When I worked the 4:00 Am shift at the airport we used to call it 0 dark hundred I guess that’s pretty much the same 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Busy Codgers — but there’s always time for coffee!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lhalvor says:

    CRS? Oh, got it.


  4. lhalvor says:

    Ralph retires in a week. Then he’ll be a codger!


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