Codgers Return Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Hey!” Harold interrupted from above, “We’re here and on our way. Get that coffee poured!”

“Done, lay-abouts,” Jay replied, “Speaking of Boomer, why isn’t he here? He’s dang-near seventy; it’s about time to induct him as a Codger™.”

“County sheriff? Seems to me he could drop-by before work.”

“I’m pretty-sure that right now he’s working on his genealogy; precisely why I’m writing these stories, now.”

“Okay, then, you just write him as stopping by here on his way to work,” Medford persisted, “And have him bring Sarah Cooper, and his cousin and her husband; he’s definitely a Codger, from what I’ve read.”

“Yeah, alright, dammit,” Mac gave-in, “Starting in the next episode.”

“See that you do!”

Season 13—Adventure 3—Codgers Return—Episode 5—Scene 1… Three months passed; and a new business opened in Lakeview City, The Codgers’™ Coffee Café. In addition, we can proudly announce two new characters: Bernice Ambrose, wife of Medford, and Blanch (Bee) Merton, wife of Jay; each will spend time behind the counter at the café.

The café building was moved in from Finlayson, Minnesota, a distance of about 180 miles from Lakeview City; a move that saved a perfectly fine building from demolition.

Lucky for us, GENTLE READERS, today is the grand opening of “The Codgers’™ Coffee Café!” The place was full, or nearly so: Ralph and Linda, Sarah Cooper, Jay and Bee Merton, Medford and Bernice Ambrose, Big Mac, Harold Peterson and Fred Jaworski.

The grand opening of The Codgers’™ Coffee Café ©Jack Boardman“The Codgers’™ Coffee Café!”

Built purposely small, as they knew most would not linger, but “insiders” knew of the lower level, where they could hang-out and enjoy each other’s company.

Boomer and Big A (now, permanently a “good guy,” and currently Boomer’s chief deputy) who had to answer a call at a bar (so early?) just south of town.

The bank of coffee machines (two machines had tea, for those so inclined; with a variety of flavors steeped in various flavors by the day) was impressive, and the commercial grade stove and refrigerator allowed for a varied breakfast menu—with breakfast the only meal served, anytime of the day until 3PM when the Coffee Café closed.

“You must be Ralph,” Jay noticed the tall slim fellow as he and Linda walked in, “And you must be the Boomer-cousin we’ve heard so much about.”

“We are indeed Ralph Halvorson and Linda Bryant Halvorson,” Ralph replied, “I run a real estate appraisal service in Cam Farkleberry’s real estate office in Danger Bay.”

“And I,” Linda grinned, “Was until today, forced to pretend to be Boomer’s spouse.”

“Oh,” Jay grinned, “I’m so terribly sorry.”

All three laughed at Boomer’s expense—too bad he wasn’t here for that experience.

“Oh look!” Sarah Cooper exclaimed, “Boomer and Al have arrived.”

Suddenly—shots were fired ©Jack Boardman“Boomer and Al have arrived.”

A second later a black car slowed outside and three gunshots were heard.

BOOMER!” Big Mac exclaimed as his friend crumpled to the sidewalk.


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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh Dear!!! I hope everyone is OK! 🙂

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  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Wait, WHAT?! It’s not even Friday!!

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