“We will do what we must…”

Codgers Return Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “I’m not asking Alpha-Jack,” Daisy fired back, “He’s the Sheriff, and he would not approve.”

“And yet, you’re seeking revenge anyway? That’s pretty cold.”

“Revenge is a dish best served cold,” She said as she trotted out; tail wagging.

She met Cujo in the corridor, “I’m with you, little sister; I’ve already called all out sentient friends. They’re already on their way to our meeting-place. What about our human friends?”

“Leave them out of this, please Cujo. They would never approve.”

Episode 9—Scene 2… On the road to Forest City… Aleev, Bambi, and Gina stopped for lunch in Pine City. They’d skipped breakfast, as there wasn’t a lot to choose from after they’d slept until ten; and the hunger pangs overpowered their need to slip back into Forest City where they planned on an assassination… or two.

They figured they could handle it themselves; their new appearance hiding their true identities. To humans.

They had no idea it wasn’t humans they should be worried about.

Season 13—Adventure 3—Codgers Return—Episode 10—Scene 1… at the Wolvenmute… At Daisy’s request, Ringo WolvenKing called for Council of Knights; those present were: Akecheta-Apenimon (Fighter-Worthy of Trust) Daisy, Buegonguig (Hole-in-the-Sky), Hector youngest son of Ringo WolvenKing, LeChat Sauvage WolvenMaster, Heammawihio-Wakonda Karma Bigfeathers, Kuckunniwi-Ogimaa (LittleWolf-Leader) Cujo, Ciqala-Apenimon (Little One-Worthy of Trust) Buttons, along with several Wolvensquires, who had not yet earned WolvenKnighthood. Let us not forget Ciqala-Kohana (Little One-Swift) Larry Fluttermatters, and Chebona Bula (Laughing Boy) Pepper.

Ringo WolvenKing called for Council of Knights at the Wolvenmute ©Jack BoardmanAt Daisy’s request, Ringo WolvenKing called for Council of Knights

“Thank you all for coming,” Ringo WolvenKing, “This Wolvenmute is to determine what, if any action we may take in a matter to be presented by CanineKnight of the Realm, Akecheta-Apenimon. “You have the floor, Daisy.”

“Thank you Sakima-Chaska-Heammawihio,” Daisy replied, “My Alpha-Human, Boomer today lies in the hospital, gravely wounded; his survival is in question. He was shot several times in the chest by assassins; assassins who are currently incarcerated and awaiting trial. They are but hired killers, and I will let the human court handle their punishment. What I want is for those who gave them the order to kill my Alpha-Jack to pay for their crime. I need your help. I wish for them to suffer as I have. To be in constant fear, and know why, for the rest of their lives.”

“I like the way you think,” Buegonguig, Hector, said in agreement, “They need to suffer.”

Along with Hector, all the CanineKnights of the Realm agreed with Daisy and barked their opinion.

After several hours of discussion, a vote was taken. Only Hector, the CanineKnights of the Realm and Flutters voted in favor of Daisy’s request.

“I cannot forbid you to take whatever action you choose, Daisy,” Ringo looked into her eyes, “But we will not participate as a group. My hope is that you and your friends will be cautious in your actions and not bring dishonor on our order.”

“We will do what we must, and we will not kill,” Daisy replied, “But we will make them wish they’d never been born.”



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6 Responses to “We will do what we must…”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Hmmm I would have been happier if they were going to get stalked by each animal when they least expected it but what the heck Daisy will take care of it. I assume Buttons will stand with her friend! She thinks here IRL that she is Alpha! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Daisy means business!

    Liked by 2 people

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