“What’ll it take to get you in here?”

Cyber Café Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Edward Mariucci and Andrew French arrived to discuss the situation with the new “owner” of their warehouse, “What’s plan, Ed?”

“I’m not entirely sure how we’ll handle this, Andy,” Mariucci replied, “Did you remember to bring your gun?”

“Gun, Eddie?” French cracked, “Whatever for?”

“Convincing Andy, convincing; not necessarily killing.”

“There are other ways,” French flexed his massive arms.

“Those are an impressive… guns.” 

Episode 4—Scene 3… At the Superior warehouse… “Mister…” Mariucci said.

“Jones, Alphonso Jones,” Fonzie Jones replied, “How may I help you?”

I have a feeling, GENTLE READER, he won’t like the reply…

Season 13—Adventure 4—Cyber Café—Episode 6—Scene 1… At the Superior warehouse office… “Who, exactly, did you purchase this building from?”

“Why? Is there a problem?” Jones asked, “Their corporate name is Minicucci-Apoloni Auto Enterprises.”

Mariucci and French confronted the new “owner” ©Jack Boardman“Why? Is there a problem?”

“Where may we find them?” French asked, “And what are their names?”

“Their names were Aleev McOsker and Barbara DeSantino, and they have their main office in a place called Lakeview City, north of Grand Marais.”

“Thank you, Mr. Jones,” Mariucci smiled, “You’ve been scammed; they sold you a building they didn’t own.”

“If that’s the case,” Jones replied, “I’m out a big piece of change.”

“How big?”

“A million bucks!”

“Pocket change,” Mariucci snorted, “Tell you what. You’ve been very accommodating; I could use a partner in my business, to run my Minnesota operations.”


“Mostly,” Mariucci replied, “But sometimes… In any case, Andy here, will stick around to train you. He’s my left-hand man”

“Really? Only mostly legal?” Jones grinned, “I can deal with that; DEAL!” 

Episode 5—Scene 2…two weeks later…Our heroes left Canal Park… “I’m ready,” Boomer stretched, “If we hang-out here any longer, I’ll fall asleep. Let’s go visit the warehouse.”

Twenty minutes later they entered the unlocked warehouse and knocked on the door of the office, “May I help you?”

“May I help you?” ©Jack Boardman“May I help you?”

“Perhaps,” Carl replied, “My associates and I are looking for warehouse space for aircraft parts storage. Are you the owner?”

“I’m a partner,” Jones smiled and nodded in French’s direction, “As is Mr. French. The warehouse is owned by Mariucci Enterprises out of Chicago.”

“Good to know, we’d heard some local folks of somewhat; how shall I word this? Ill repute. So, we were a little apprehensive,” Mac rumbled, “Perhaps we may discuss what we need?”

“By all means,” Mariucci smiled, “We’re looking for tenants as we speak and can offer some very competitive rates.”

After a tour of the available spaces, Mariucci attempted to close, “What’ll it take to get you in here?”

“With a little luck,” Mac grinned, “About an hour. We scheduled another appointment and owe them a visit. I highly doubt they can match your rates, but we owe it to our stockholders to get multiple bids.”

Mariucci knew not to press, “See you in an hour; I’ll have the paperwork ready for you.”


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9 Responses to “What’ll it take to get you in here?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    The noose will be getting a little tighter every day 🙂 That is wonderful 🙂

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  2. Jack Boardman says:

    “By all means,” Mariucci smiled, “We’re looking for tenants as we speak and can offer some very competitive rates.”

    HMMMMMM… 😐

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lhalvor says:



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