“I see you found the place.”

Cyber Café Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Perhaps,” Carl replied, “My associates and I are looking for warehouse space for aircraft parts storage. Are you the owner?”

“I’m a partner,” Jones smiled and nodded in French’s direction, “As is Mr. French. The warehouse is owned by Mariucci Enterprises out of Chicago.”

“Good to know, we’d heard some local folks of somewhat; how shall I word this? Ill repute. So, we were a little apprehensive,” Mac rumbled, “Perhaps we may discuss what we need?”

“By all means,” Mariucci smiled, “We’re looking for tenants as we speak and can offer some very competitive rates.”

After a tour of the available spaces, Mariucci attempted to close, “What’ll it take to get you in here?”

“With a little luck,” Mac grinned, “About an hour. We scheduled another appointment and owe them a visit. I highly doubt they can match your rates, but we owe it to our stockholders to get multiple bids.”

Mariucci knew not to press, “See you in an hour; I’ll have the paperwork ready for you.”

Season 13—Adventure 4—Cyber Café—Episode 7—Scene 1… At the Superior warehouse office… “I have everything ready, as promised.”

“One thing we failed to check,” Jay Cooper said, “The size of your elevator and doors; our parts are far too large to pass through the doors.”

“And we have word that some old hangars at Danger Bay Airfield have been converted into warehouses,” Mac added, “I understand that the administrator is looking for someone to manage the warehouses.”

Old hangars ©Jack BoardmanOld hangars at Danger Bay Airfield

“Interesting,” Andy French thought out loud, “Perhaps I should drive up there and make a bid.”

“We’re heading there now,” Chris added, “Just follow Historic US 61 out of Grand Marais and the airfield is located between South and North Danger Bay, and immediately beyond the port facilities.”

“Thanks,” French replied, “I’ll drive up first thing tomorrow; I should arrive around ten. Who should I speak with?”

“My son, AJ,” Boomer replied, “Is the Airfield Administrator. You will find him in the airfield office in Hangar 1.”

Episode 7—Scene 2… At Danger Bay Airfield… Mac and Boomer met Andy French outside the Airfield Office, “I see you found the place.”

Outside the Airfield Office ©Jack Boardman“I see you found the place.”

“It wasn’t hard,” French replied, “I had no idea of the development going on up here.”

“AJ must be running a little late,” Boomer said, “He is still helping out at Lakeview Motors.”

“He’s been overseeing the final training of the new store manager; he spends an hour or so every morning there…”

“He’s here,” Mac interrupted, “I see his smiling face coming out of the men’s room.”

French looked up and gasped, “He’s a mini-me!”

With this episode we are returning to THREE EPISODES a week. It’s become too difficult for me to keep up. And too, Boomer’s been having similar difficulty with his production of illustrations.


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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I will look forward to Wed. then 🙂 Just love Mini-Me’s LOL

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