A fleeting look of relief

Cyber Café Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Mac and Boomer met Andy French outside the Airfield Office, “I see you found the place.”

“It wasn’t hard,” French replied, “I had no idea of the development going on up here.”

“AJ must be running a little late,” Boomer said, “He is still helping out at Lakeview Motors.”

“He’s been overseeing the final training of the new store manager; he spends an hour or so every morning there…”

“He’s here,” Mac interrupted, “I see his smiling face coming out of the men’s room.”

French looked up and gasped, “He’s a mini-me!”

Season 13—Adventure 4—Cyber Café—Episode 8—Scene 1… Inside the Manager’s Office… AJ looked up… and UP at the six-foot, ten inch Andy French, “I need to eat whatever you’re eating!”

Inside the Manager’s Office ©Jack Boardman“I need to eat whatever you’re eating!”

“And I could use a little of what you’re eating,” French laughed, “My head has permanent lumps from hitting streetlights.”

“What may I do for you?”

“I’m here representing Mariucci Building Management, based in Chicago,” French replied, “And we’d like you to consider us for operating your warehouse operations.”

This came as no surprise to AJ; nor was there any doubt he would accept their offer, “Well, good. We have two other offers thus far; give it your best shot.”

As expected, French obviously was prepared to make an offer AJ could NOT refuse. And, undoubtedly, raise the rates dramatically after the first year.

French made his offer, and as AJ suspected, it was an unreal offer; far below what any other company would make (no other company had been asked, of course).

“Clearly, your rate is the most competitive, by far, then any of the others; let’s settle the contract right now.”

Episode 8—Scene 2… At the Cyber Café… Geraldine Clark, Alan and Barbara Smith were the only customers, “You folks must be about ready to open your place.”

The Smiths & Clark at the Cyber Café ©Jack BoardmanGeraldine Clark, Alan and Barbara Smith were the only customers

“Yes,” Gerri Clark replied, “the grand opening will be Saturday.”

“But,” Barb smiled, “We’d like you and your wives to attend the pre-opening open house Friday; a by invitation only event for our business owner neighbors.”

“Thank you,” Jay replied, “We’ll be there.”

“Any word on the sheriff’s murder,” Alan asked, “It’s kind of scary to have something like that to happen in a small town like this.”

“Nothing new,” Medford replied, “We got the ones who did the shooting, and they’re already safely housed at Stillwater Prison after pleading guilty at their arraignment.”

Jay thought he saw a fleeting look of relief flicker on Alan’s face.

He did.


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6 Responses to A fleeting look of relief

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Lots of scary things happen in this small town!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    For sure!! Good thing we are around to bring back some semblance of Law And Order 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Jack Boardman says:

    And… the set-up is in place! HA! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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