“You ain’t taking me, Sheriff…”

Cyber Café Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Attention all police units, attention all police units; this Moosehead County Sheriff Boomer. Be advised there has been a drive-by shooting in front of the Lakeview Tavern. I repeat; there has been a drive-by shooting in front of the Lakeview Tavern. Be on the lookout for a white Ford Focus driven by a man who strongly resembles AJ Boardman!”

Chris wheeled around and saw the suspect car driving past Lakeview Auto Sales, “It can’t be Sheriff Boomer; can it; In the car and let’s go!”

Chris knew she could get to the intersection of the road they were on with Scenic Highway 61 before the Focus as she was much closer.

At least that was her hope. 

Season 13—Adventure 4—Cyber Café—Episode 11—Scene 1… At the Lakeview Tavern… “C’mon Mac, let’s go!”

“I’m not armed.”

“There’s a shotgun in the rack.”

“Sheriff Boomer to AJ, where are you?”

“At the Airfield; administrating.”

“Thank you. To all units, the suspect is Andy French, not AJ Boardman.”

Making use of the full-time all-wheel-drive, and taking the back roads; Boomer and Mac arrived just as Chris, in a cloud of dust, turned south on Historic US 61 south of Lakeview City.

Boomer and Mac arrived just as Chris ©Jack BoardmanBoomer and Mac arrived just as Chris…

Although very powerful, Chris’ Tahoe didn’t stand a chance of catching the Focus; as the highway ahead was far too winding for her squad.

Instead of pursuing from behind, Boomer decided to chance the gravel road and turned around. The road intersected 61 some ten miles south; Boomer’s hope was they could arrive there before the Focus as the road was much more direct than the lakeshore-hugging highway 61.

Chris did her part with some pretty-fancy driving of her own; it was true she couldn’t catch the Focus, she could, and did pressure its driver to keep track of his pursuer.

He spun-out a couple of times as he wasn’t the driver he thought he was; still, he had established a good lead over the doggedly determined Reserved Deputy Shouse, who simply would not give-up.

Sheriff Boomer and Big Mac were making good time and were already heading north on Historic Highway 61, “We have to be ahead of French, or we’d have seen Chris by now, Mac.”

“I agree,” Mac replied, “Put the pedal down and let’s see what this car will do.”

Episode 11—Scene 2… At the Crossroads… Boomer and Mac were just rounding a curve… “Here he comes!” Boomer exclaimed, “Lights & siren; let’s give him a scare!”

“Yes boss,” Mac rumbled as he turned both on; grinning wickedly.

Startled by the approaching squad, French lost control and spun out (for the 3rd time in the past 5 miles) and ended back-asswards at the side of the road, just as Chris rounded the curve behind him.

As Boomer and Mac approached, French drew a gun from under his jacket, “You ain’t taking me, Sheriff…”

French lost control and spun out ©Jack Boardman“You ain’t taking me, Sheriff…”


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6 Responses to “You ain’t taking me, Sheriff…”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    OK here is the missing part>>>>I am a good driver….:)

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