“This. Is. Terrifying!”

Moosehead County Story Banner II ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: Sheriff Boomer and Deputy US Marshal McIntyre were enjoying coffee mugs filled with organically grown, Fair and Free Trade—aw hell—the mugs were filled with Bad Weather Brewing’s “Ominous” Dark Ale, “Not to complicate matters—but my son-in-law is on his way here. He says he has some news—bad news.”

“Did he say what news?” Carl asked.

“Yup! He said his boss at the Superior warehouse has sent spies to Moosehead City and is following-up with a hit squad with orders to destroy Moosehead City. He and Sarah are leaving the Twin Ports as they feel they’ll soon also have hits put out on them.” 

Season 13—Adventure 5—Moosehead County—Episode 4—Scene 1…At Boomer’s place… On orders of Sheriff Boomer, Chris intercepted Alphonso and had him follow her to Boomer’s, “Greetings, son (in-law), welcome to our cyber-home. As sheriff of this county, I hereby ban you from Moosehead City.”

“Thank you on behalf of both of us—now about guns…”

“Thank you on behalf of both of us” ©Jack Boardman“Thank you on behalf of both of us—now about guns…”

Boomer laughed, “Are you kidding? There is no chance I’d allow you anywhere near a firearm.”

“Thank you—what’s your plan—and why are you armed?”

“Both to keep you safe, and I know of a safe place for you and Sarah.”

“Where is this safe place?”

“Not far,” Boomer replied, “But first, we need to establish a story for your disappearance that Mariucci will buy. Park your car in the garage and we’ll leave.”

“What about Sarah?”

“I contacted her—she’ll be meeting Cuzzin Linda at Silverthorn’s,” the sheriff replied, “And the two of them will select your new home.”

Moosehead County—Episode 4—Scene 2… Twenty minutes later… They took off in Boomer’s P38 “Pat III” and raucously clawed their way into the air, “This. Is. Terrifying!”

Twenty minutes later ©Jack Boardman“This. Is. Terrifying!”

“You are an air travel veteran—this is nothing compared to taking off in an Airbus.”

“In an Airbus,” Alphonso replied, “I can’t see what the pilots see, and it doesn’t shake.”

“What terrifies me,” Boomer quipped, “Not having absolute control of the airplane—and besides,  I’m not packed in a ginormous aluminum tube with screaming babies.”

“There is that. About your plan?”

“In an hour we’ll be landing at Midway Airport in Chicago—you will call Mariucci from there and tell him you quit and you and Sarah are moving. He will be able to see from where you made the call.”

“Clever—worth the terror of that take off,” Alphonso immediately figured-out the plan, “He’s from Chicago and will figure he can easily find me there.”


Editor’s note: There is a NEW banner replacing the previous MISSPELLED banner. Also I posted yesterday… check it out.



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8 Responses to “This. Is. Terrifying!”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Clever plans! (And I didn’t notice the misspelling on the banner!)

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  2. I love the direction the story is going …new characters and all the plots and twists!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. lhalvor says:

    Finally get to meet Alphonso

    Liked by 1 person

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