In the heart of the beast—Chicago

Moosehead County Story Banner II ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: They took off in Boomer’s P38 “Pat III” and raucously clawed their way into the air, “This. Is. Terrifying!”

“You are an air travel veteran—this is nothing compared to taking off in an Airbus.”

“In an Airbus,” Alphonso replied, “I can’t see what the pilots see, and it doesn’t shake.”

“What terrifies me,” Boomer quipped, “Not having absolute control of the airplane—and I’m not packed in a ginormous aluminum tube with screaming babies.”

“There is that. About your plan?”

“In an hour we’ll be landing at Midway Airport in Chicago—you will call Mariucci from there and tell him you quit and you and Sarah are moving. He will be able to see from where you made the call.”

“Clever—worth the terror of that take off,” Alphonso immediately figured-out the plan, “He’s from Chicago and will figure he can easily find me there.”


Season 13—Adventure 4—Moosehead County—Episode 5—Scene 1… at Silverthorn’s Café… As planned, that’s where Linda met Sarah Boardman, “Hi, Sarah, I’m your second-cousin-once-removed Linda Bryant Halvorson.”

“Glad to meet you,” Sarah replied, “Where are my husband and father?”

“On their way to Chicago.”

Linda met Sarah at Silverthorn’s Café ©Jack Boardman“On their way to Chicago.”

“Why would they—Oh wait! I get it—a little misdirection play?”

“Exactly right. They’re going to make Alphonso’s now former boss think you’re relocating in the heart of the beast—Chicago.”


“Oh, I’m sorry,” Linda laughed, “May I introduce Hiram and Kiwi Silverthorn, close friends of your dad. Hiram & Kiwi, this is Sarah Jones-Boardman, Boomer’s eldest.”

“Welcome to Danger Bay, Sarah,” Kiwi grinned, “Your folks are long-time friends.”

After the necessary small-talk, Linda and Sarah left to drop off her car at Boomer’s place—hiding it in the garage, “Now what?”

“I want to show you options for a place to live, starting with Danger Bay Lofts, a new project cleverly hidden from the highway.”

“That sounds interesting.”

“Your dad mentioned you two seem to like apartments, and you’d probably like a loft-condominium—no grass to cut.”

“That’s the TRUTH!”

Moosehead County—Episode 5—Scene 2… In the air over Lake Michigan… “I see what you mean about ‘having control’ of the airplane—you’re right about it practically taking itself off—who knew?”

“It IS a HOOT, isn’t it?” Boomer replied to the widely grinning Alphonso, “This airplane requires only a little more than 910’ to get airborne. Now that we’re over the lake you may have some fun—practice turning 90º both to port and starboard. You’ll need to watch the compass as the lake has few landmarks.”

In the air near Chicago ©Jack Boardman“It IS a HOOT, isn’t it?”

After about twenty minutes of weaving through the sky Boomer said, “Give me the controls, please.”

“You have the controls.”

Boomer plotted the course and put the airplane on autopilot—setting the airspeed at 400 mph. They’d be over Danger Bay in less than two hours.

Meanwhile—in Moosehead City… Mac put their plan in action…



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6 Responses to In the heart of the beast—Chicago

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Sarah looks so much like Sarah! (Well, of course she does, you know what I mean!)

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  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    Okay! So show us the lofts ALREADY! 😛

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