“And they bit!”

Moosehead County Story Banner II ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: As it happened, the “Rootin’-Tootinist” bunch of law-enforcement people hard-cases this side of Tombstone Arizona were having brunch in Lakeview City—Linda Bryant Halvorson & Ralph Halvorson, Sarah & Jay Cooper, Wyatt Earp and Chris Shouse!

Wyatt tossed the keys to his squad to Ralph, “You and Linda take my squad—there’s a shotgun you may find useful—I’ll ride with Chris.”

Things just became really ugly—for the folks in the black car.

Season 13—Adventure 4—Moosehead County—Episode 9—Scene 1… Outside O’Donnell’s Bar… Daisy saw the suspected hitmen’s car parked in O’Donnell’s lot, “Turn around Alpha-Jack!”


“The hitmen are at O’Donnell’s.”

“Okay, I could use a cup o’coffee about now.”

Moments later they parked next to the hitmen’s car—where Daisy placed a tracking transponder in the wheel well—just in case, “You remain in the car.”

Daisy saw the hitmen at O’Donnell’s Bar ©Jack Boardman“You remain in the car.”

“Why?” Daisy asked, “Dogs are allowed as Tom doesn’t sell food—he doesn’t want to compete with his friends in Lakeview City.”

“Damn nice of him—and yes, I forgot.”

Moosehead County—Episode 9—Scene 2… “How-do Jack?” Tom O’Donnell greeted Sheriff Boomer (he used Boomer’s first name whenever people he didn’t know were in the bar—and the “regulars” knew to do that as well), “How’s Roxy beagle?”

Inside O’Donnell’s Bar ©Jack Boardman“How’s Roxy beagle?”

“She’s fine, Tommy.”

“These fellas,” Tom nodded in the direction of the men standing at the bar, “Are wondering about the best route to Moosehead City.”

“Normally,” Boomer addressed the strangers, “The best route would be on Historic Highway 61, but it’s blocked by a bad accident—so I’d take County 61 here through Lakeview City—just turn left out of the driveway when you leave.”

“Thanks,” one of the four replied, “I saw you pull-up, didn’t you pass us a while back?”

“Yup. Afterwards I cut over to 61 and got caught in the stalled traffic near the accident—turned around and came back this way. By the way, what brings you to town? We’re not exactly a tourist mecca.”

“Fishing,” another of the four replied, “We’re looking for a resort or motel that has a boat landing—do you know of such a place?”

“I do,” Boomer grinned, “It’s called the Codger Lodge, located in Hidden Cove, about a mile or so north of Lakeview City. There’s a sign advertising the lodge at the turnoff.”

“Do they have boats to rent?”

“They have a boat, a converted commercial fishing boat—quite lake-worthy—they’ll rent you.”

“Thanks a lot—we’ll be on our way—we have fish to catch!”

After they left, Tom O’Donnell quipped, “You set the hook?”

“And they bit!”



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8 Responses to “And they bit!”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Hook, line and sinker!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Good moves push that hook deep into the soft tissues and pull hard 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    “I do,” Boomer grinned, “It’s called the Codger Lodge, located in Hidden Cove, about a mile or so north of Lakeview City. There’s a sign advertising the lodge at the turnoff.”

    Bet you folks don’t even get there! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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