A little too confident?

Moosehead County Story Banner II ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: “Thanks,” one of the four replied, “I saw you pull-up, didn’t you pass us a while back?”

“Yup. Afterwards I cut over to 61 and got caught in the stalled traffic near the accident—turned around and came back this way. By the way, what brings you to town? We’re not exactly a tourist mecca.”

“Fishing,” another of the four replied, “We’re looking for a resort or motel that has a boat landing—do you know of such a place?”

“I do,” Boomer grinned, “It’s called the Codger Lodge, located in Hidden Cove, about a mile or so north of Lakeview City. There’s a sign advertising the lodge at the turnoff.”

“Do they have boats to rent?”

“They have a boat, a converted commercial fishing boat—quite lake-worthy—they’ll rent you.”

“Thanks a lot—we’ll be on our way—we have fish to catch!”

After they left, Tom O’Donnell quipped, “You set the hook?”

“And they bit!”

Season 13—Adventure 4—Moosehead County—Episode 10—Scene 1… The Granite Defile… was still about five miles ahead of the hitmen—Sheriff Boomer and Daisy were about a mile behind them, “Codger Lodge, eh? I say we take out the ‘codgers’ and use the place as a base for the guys who are on their way.”

“Exactly, Mike. The boss has people coming by boat and by car—if this ‘Hidden Cove’ is really hidden, it will make a great base.”

Sheriff Boomer had sped-up and was less than a quarter-mile behind when he lit-up the high-intensity red and blue LED lights hidden behind Strider’s grill and turned on the siren—while simultaneously pressing the foot-feet to the floor.

Strider’s 4.5 liter Cosworth-Ford V8 responded causing all four tires to chirp on the pavement as they grabbed for traction. It was only seconds later the hitmen heard and saw Strider coming-up fast astern, “Aw crap! That down-home dude is a cop!”

The driver hit the gas—as if the car had a chance of escaping—still, they had to try. There was simply too much at stake for their operation.

They were just into the “Granite Defile” with Strider riding their back bumper—when the driver hit the breaks—hard.

Boomer turned on Strider’s lights & siren ©Jack BoardmanThey were just into the “Granite Defile”

Not only could Strider out-run their Charger—he could stop a lot quicker and is more maneuverable—he stopped in the left lane just off the Charger’s rear bumper.

All four hitmen got out of the car.

 “You fellas seem to be in a hurry—I think you ought not speed in my county,” the outnumbered sheriff said mildly without so much as his hand on his Colt .45 Auto.

A little too confident?



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  1. The plot thickens again!!! 🙂

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  2. lhalvor says:


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  3. lhalvor says:

    I wait with baited breath! Somethings fishy.

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