“How did you escape?”

Moosehead County Story Banner II ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: Mac and Merle each ordered a beer and casually walked over to the two men,

“It MUST be beer o’clock somewhere, right fellas?”

“I reckon,” the spy in the brown cowboy hat and biker-jacket replied—and then fell silent as if to say “move along, we ain’t interested in conversation.”

“You’re not very friendly,” Mac rumbled—it was not a friendly rumble.

It was then brown-hat turned and looked up—way up at Mac & Merle.

Both were grinning in the “we’re looking for trouble and you’re our chosen victims” precursor to a bar fight manner, “Uh—sorry mister.”

“You may become even sorrier—Mariucci is wondering why you haven’t contacted him,” Merle’s voice—ominous.

“Finish your beers,” Mac added, “And then come with us—don’t make a fuss, that would not be healthy.”

Ya think?

Season 13—Adventure 4—Moosehead County—Episode 13—Scene 1… At Sarah & Alphonso’s… “Hey Sis—open-up! It’s Andrew!”

“Why didn’t you call first?” Sarah replied as she opened the door, “We were starting to freak!”

Andrew arrived at Sarah and Alphonso’s ©Jack Boardman“We were starting to freak!”

“I’m sorry—I’m kinda in a hurry—we stopped a four man hit-squad outside of Lakeview City.”

“How many were killed?” Alphonso asked.

“None—all were captured—AND we captured the spies in Moosehead City!”


“Dad wants me to fly down to Superior with him. It seems that my voice and French’s ARE similar, and with that,” he continued, “We’re gonna take-out Mariucci. Dad wanted you to know we’d be out-of-town AND that you’re safe.”

“Good luck—take him alive,” Alphonso said, “I want to visit him in our jail.”

“Count on it,” Andrew replied, “Gotta go.”

Moosehead County—Episode 13—Scene 2… Two hours later… at the Superior Warehouse… “We’ll hang until you’re finished, Sheriff,” Sgt. Amy Schultz said, “We’ve been trying to get something on this scum-sucker Mariucci, but he’s pretty careful to mind his manners here.”

Superior PD Drop off Boomer and AJ ©Jack Boardman“We’ll hang until you’re finished, Sheriff”

“Watch the lad here mimic Mariucci’s henchman, French—I predict three seconds—tops!”

“Mr Mariucci, it’s French—I escaped,” AJ said—standing on a crate to appear tall enough to be French.

“ANDY!” Mariucci replied, “How did you escape?”

“I faked being more disabled by the gunshot than I really was… and walked-out right past a sleeping deputy.”

Boomer grinned at the Superior cops, “That ‘sleeping deputy’ was my wide awake chief deputy. Doc McLean is not easily fooled and was quite aware of French’s feigned poor recovery. We wanted him to escape.”

AJ waved when the door clicked, “Gotta run”

“Be careful!” the officer shouted as Boomer rushed to the door.



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6 Responses to “How did you escape?”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    ALWAYS be careful!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. The drama gets more intense as we step into gangster minds!!! Be careful!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    “ANDY!” Mariucci replied, “How did you escape?”

    “No thanks to you, BUTTHEAD!” 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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