“What do they want from us, Hiram?”

KIDNAPPED Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: “Like now, perhaps,” Mac said as he observed an official-looking Dodge Charger drive up, park, and disgorge two men—one an FBI agent and the other an NCIS agent.

“Are you Sheriff Boomer? I’m NCIS Special Agent in Charge Jedidiah Jones of the Lake Superior District.”

“I am,” Boomer replied, these gentlemen are Deputy US Marshal in Charge of the Arrowhead Marshal’s Office Carl McIntyre, and his brother, Merle, and Sheriff’s Deputy, AJ Boardman. How may we help you?”

“By staying out of our way,” FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Duluth Office of the FBI, Phillip Smith, perhaps a little too briskly, said.

“The Sheriff doesn’t answer to you, young fella,” Mac rumbled, “He answers to the voters of this county—and is a long-time friend of the Silverthorn family.”

“Aw, c’mon, Phil—do you have to be such an ass?” Jed asked.

Season 13—Adventure 6—KIDNAPPED—Episode 3—Scene 1… Sheriff Boomer took control, “Gentlemen, come to my office—where we may discuss this further.”

Moments later—in the Sheriff’s office, “Allen Simpson is my Chief Deputy and will be your liaison with my office,” Boomer immediately took charge of the meeting, “Hiram Silverthorn is a very-close friend of mine—that being the case, I must separate myself from this investigation. And too—we have our hands full with the remaining hit-squad members still at large. It is not in our best interest to be involved in your investigation into Hiram & Kiwi’s kidnapping.”

Sheriff's Office ©Jack Boardman“Allen Simpson is my Chief Deputy and will be your liaison…”

“Thank you, Sheriff,” Phil Smith said, “Is there any available office we could use as an operations center?”

“Yes,” Boomer replied, “My private office directly across the hall from here would make a great operations center.”

“Don’t you need it?”

“No, in fact I never moved in—whatever squad I use is my office. The office has a desk, conference table, empty file cabinets—everything an office-jockey could possibly want. Go check it out, the entry door code one-one-three-eight. That code you can change, there are directions in the top drawer of the desk.”

“Ya see, Phil?” NCIS boss Jones laughed, “It pays to be respectful to a local LEO.

KIDNAPPED—Episode 3—Scene 2… Inside the Sheriff’s Private Office… The remaining NCIS and FBI teams arrived just as Smith and Jones were entering the private office, “He’s not using this place?”

Sheriff Boomer’s private office ©Jack Boardman“He’s not using this place?”

“No Carstairs, he doesn’t—he says his office is his squad car,” NCIS AIC (agent-in-charge) Jones replied.

“A ‘doer’ not a bureaucrat? How refreshing,” Carstairs laughed at his own little dig at the FBI AIC.

“Shut-up, Carstairs.”

“Let’s get to work,” Jones suggested.

Meanwhile—At an undisclosed location… “What do they want from us, Hiram?”

“I have no idea, Kiwi—I have no idea.



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6 Responses to “What do they want from us, Hiram?”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    What DO they want?! … Ugh!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I like that in a man..an action taker doing sorta guy!!! Wyatt is like that too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    “I have no idea, Kiwi—I have no idea.”



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