“Now let us look for a way out of here.”

KIDNAPPED Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: The remaining NCIS and FBI teams arrived just as Smith and Jones were entering the private office, “He’s not using this place?”

“No Carstairs, he doesn’t—he says his office is his squad car,” NCIS AIC (agent-in-charge) Jones replied.

“A ‘doer’ not a bureaucrat? How refreshing,” Carstairs laughed at his own little dig at the FBI AIC.

“Shut-up, Carstairs.”

“Let’s get to work,” Jones suggested.

Meanwhile—At an undisclosed location… “What do they want from us, Hiram?”

“I have no idea, Kiwi—I have no idea.

Season 13—Adventure 6—KIDNAPPED—Episode 4—Scene 1… At an Unknown Location… “Well, at least we have a relatively comfortable prison,” Kiwi is the kind of person who may be relied upon to see what glimmer of good shines in even the worst situation—a trait Hiram appreciates and often depends upon.

“Indeed,” he replied, “Now let us look for a way out of here.”

At an unknown location ©Jack Boardman“Now let us look for a way out of here.”

“I’ve already scouted the terrain—you sleep pretty soundly even when incarcerated. We have plenty of food and the kitchen has a decent stove—but the windows are wire-reinforced plexiglass and are unbreakable. The doors are probably also reinforced. I kicked one and it didn’t give as much as a centimeter.”

“I guess I DO sleep soundly,” Hiram is the kind of person who can find humor in the worst situation, “Any idea where we are?”

“Based upon a SWAG (silly wild-assed guess), and my inner ear—somewhere on a high bluff—maybe near Lakeview City.”

“Now, as to the ‘who kidnapped us’ and ‘what the hell do they want’ topics?”

“My Native American inherent wisdom, augmented by another SWAG—somebody you pissed-off.”

“Hmmm—as if you’ve never pissed anyone off.”

“Me?” Kiwi grinned, “Aside from you?”

KIDNAPPED—Episode 4—Scene 2… Aboard a Tour Bus on High Bluff Overlook Road… This is one of the most popular non-lake tours available in Moosehead County, following the entire bluff line from near Grand Marais all the way to the north county line.

I’m not bringing you here for giggles—or to elicit a height-induced nosebleed—but to suggest that perhaps—just perhaps, Kiwi is correct in her surmise they are on a high bluff.

Just look at the view, GENTLE READER!

Tour Bus on High Bluff Overlook Road ©Jack BoardmanJust look at the view, GENTLE READER!

You couldn’t get me to stand near that guard rail!

Then again I could be misdirecting you—not that I would EVER do such a thing…



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6 Responses to “Now let us look for a way out of here.”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Kiwi should have her own detective series!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Me?” Kiwi grinned, “Aside from you?”


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kiwi needs a comedy show she could be THE SWAG GAL 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. lhalvor says:

    There could be a whole team of them.

    Liked by 1 person

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