There were no visible survivors

KIDNAPPED Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: “Thanks,” AJ grinned, “Shadow will make a great undercover car.”

“I heard a rumor—you’ve given notice at the airfield?”

“Yep, and my assistant has applied for the job—she loves the administrivia of the job, and the hands-on supervision of airfield staff—I couldn’t ask for a better replacement.”

“Hey look! Company’s coming,” Boomer turned towards the approaching vehicles, “The gang’s all here!”

Sure enough—the A-Team pulled-up, “We got some news, Boss.”

“Don’t keep me in suspenders, Mac…”

“You don’t wear them,” Mac replied, “But with your gut…”

“We got a line on the next group of hitmen,” Chris got right down to business, “There’s a bus-load just leaving Danger Bay—and looks like they’re heading for this road.”

“How convenient!”

“We can get to the intersection with this road and set-up an ambush—Lets move, folks!”

Season 13—Adventure 6—KIDNAPPED—Episode 6—Scene 1… Our heroes waited for an hour, give or take, for the buses (they learned there were two—with a combined capacity of fifty) and they hadn’t yet arrived, “Let’s backtrack the route they had to have taken.”

“Perfect, Chris,” Sheriff Boomer agreed, “Perhaps they were delayed and there are no turnoffs for twenty miles to the south.”

Five miles later they saw oily black smoke in the distance—and two miles later they discovered the torn guard rail and the busses some three-hundred feet below.

There were no visible survivors.

There were no visible survivors ©Jack BoardmanThere were no visible survivors.

“Better call fire rescue and the helicopter—we need to begin recovery operations now.” Sheriff Boomer was horrified—no one should die that way.

Ralph, Mac and Merle, made their way down to the busses—using extreme caution. All three (as you know, GENTLE READER,) were combat veterans and could handle, with difficulty, the carnage there.

Linda and Sarah walked down the road about a quarter-mile and found evidence—a mirror, bits of aluminum trim pieces, and other detritus, and determined the busses were—racing.

“I called for the ‘copter,” Chris reported, “And it’s on the way as are rescue/recovery specialists. I also contacted Captain Halloran—she says her boats turned-away two large yachts—simply by asking their destinations. Even better—tug captains Jerkowitz and Miller not just turned-away three boats, each with 10 hitmen, they rammed them with their tugs, boarded the boats and brawled their way to capturing all—with no casualties—other than Joey’s black eye.”

“Very well, let’s finish-up here,” Boomer sighed. And then surprised all by stating, “Now let’s find the Silverthorns!”

“But NCIS and FBI are on the case—right?” Jay Cooper drawled, grinning—knowing what response was coming

“This is OUR county and OUR friends,” Boomer was not smiling, “We’ll investigate quietly and try to stay under the radar. Chris? Tell the tugs to meet us at Hidden Cove so we can take their prisoners to jail.”

“Already ordered, boss,” Chris grinned.



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13 Responses to There were no visible survivors

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Very well, let’s finish-up here,” Boomer sighed. And then surprised all by stating, “Now let’s find the Silverthorns!”

    YES! 😀

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  2. I don’t know I am suspicious…what if the hitmen got off the bus and pushed it over to divert suspicion and then scattered to do a sneak attack?

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  3. jaysplaceweb says:

    I am Jay Merton… I started this blog.

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  4. lhalvor says:


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