“How does that make you feel, Phil?”

KIDNAPPED Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: “I called for the ‘copter,” Chris reported, “And it’s on the way as are rescue/recovery specialists. I also contacted Captain Halloran—she says her boats turned-away two large yachts—simply by asking their destinations. Even better—tug captains Jerkowitz and Wennen-Miller not just turned-away three boats, each with 10 hitmen, they rammed them with their tugs, boarded the boats and brawled their way to capturing all—with no casualties—other than Joey’s black eye.”

“Very well, let’s finish-up here,” Boomer sighed. And then surprised all by stating, “Now let’s find the Silverthorns!”

“But NCIS and FBI are on the case—right?” Jay Cooper drawled, grinning—knowing what response was coming

“This is OUR county and OUR friends,” Boomer was not smiling, “We’ll investigate quietly and try to stay under the radar. Chris? Tell the tugs to meet us at Hidden Cove so we can take their prisoners to jail.”

“Already ordered, boss,” Chris grinned.


Season 13—Adventure 6—KIDNAPPED—Episode 7—Scene 1… In the joint FBI-NCIS Operations Center…  “I’ve been monitoring the Sheriff’s radio traffic, it seems as though the sheriffs have made a huge bust of Chicago mob gangsters. Mariucci’s boys.”

“How does that make you feel, Phil?” NCIS Boss Jed Jones replied, “Isn’t that part of the Bureau’s job?”

Inside the FBI NCIS Ops Center ©Jack Boardman“How does that make you feel, Phil?”

“We can’t be everywhere,” Smith huffed, “They got lucky.”

“Lucky?” Jones was about to give his friend some well-deserved needling, “They captured all of them alive.”

“Not all—fifty died.”

“Not at the deputies’ hands, Phil. They did it to themselves.”

“Yeah, okay, but now we have to clean-up after the deputies, all my folks are at Hidden Cove to take custody of them.”

“So, they do your folks’ job—and you complain? Maybe it’s time to ask the Sheriff for help.”

KIDNAPPED—Episode 7—Scene 2… Inside O’Donnell’s Bar…

Tom Thomas and Pete Hanfe, a pair of misfits and angry loners, were at the bar shooting the breeze with Tom O’Donnell, “You fellas are not from around here?”

Angry Loners visited O’Donnell’s Bar ©Jack Boardman“You fellas are not from around here?”

“No we ain’t,” Pete lied, “We work the boats outta Danger Bay.”

That caught the attention of a couple of Port of Danger Bay Coast Guard crewmen enjoying an after-work ale. One of them nodded to the other as she made a call directly to AJ Boardman.

AJ quickly passed that information on to Sheriff Boomer, who grinned, “I need an Ale O’Day—you?”

“Right behind you, Pop.”

It would seem, GENTLE READER, that the entire band of “Rootin’-Tootinist bunch of law-enforcement people hard-cases this side of Tombstone Arizona,” also decided they too required refreshments.

They followed along.



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6 Responses to “How does that make you feel, Phil?”

  1. jaysplaceweb says:

    “I need an Ale O’Day—you?”

    Sure, why not? 😛

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  2. I would prefer Rum and Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry, please.

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  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Thirst is catching!

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  4. lhalvor says:


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