You fellas look ready to go to war.”

KIDNAPPED Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: “No we ain’t,” Pete lied, “We work the boats outta Danger Bay.”

That caught the attention of a couple of Port of Danger Bay Coast Guard crewmen enjoying an after-work ale. One of them nodded to the other as she made a call directly to AJ Boardman.

AJ quickly passed that information on to Sheriff Boomer, who grinned, “I need an Ale O’Day—you?”

“Right behind you, Pop.”

It would seem, GENTLE READER, that the entire band of “Rootin’-Tootinist bunch of law-enforcement people hard-cases this side of Tombstone Arizona,” also decided they too required refreshments.

They followed along.

Season 13—Adventure 6—KIDNAPPED—Episode 8—Scene 1… Outside O’Donnell’s Bar… (Note to our GENTLE READER: This image of O’Donnell’s has been changed—the original was never intended to be viewed inside & outside and had too many immoveable characters in the bar making it impossible to change as necessary to advance the storyline. At the end of this episode, I’m showing the complete illustration the image below from which this image is taken.)

Tom O’Donnell, the bar’s owner/operator, is of mixed heritage—the son of Irishman Pádraic O’Donnell and the Scottish Aileene McIntosh—hence the Scottish Bonnet he wears to honor his Mum, greeted the Rootin’-Tootinist Posse as they clustered outside, “I expect you’re all here because you are plannin’ on finding the Silverthorns—Right?”

“How-do, ye old oirish tangerine (potato)?” fellow Scotsman Carl McIntyre rumbled, “And you’re right.”

Outside O’Donnell’s ©Jack Boardman“And you’re right.”

“What can you tell us?” Chris asked.

“Not much yet,” he replied, “I have heard scuttlebutt that the Silverthorns are still in the area, however.”

Sheriff Boomer handed O’Donnell a cellphone, “This is a secure encrypted device—use this and only this to contact me—or any of my deputies should any suspicious characters decide to visit you. The individual deputy’s numbers are programmed into the phone.”


“Okay, posse, time to go back to your normal non-law enforcement selves, Daisy and I will visit Silverthorn’s Café and update Lt. Silverthorn.”

KIDNAPPED—Episode 8—Scene 2… Several hours later… Inside O’Donnell’s Bar… “Welcome—I think. You fellas look ready to go to war.”

The Militia arrived at O’Donnell’s Bar ©Jack Boardman“Welcome—I think. You fellas look ready to go to war.”

“Good day, I’m Colonel Jack Yatters, and this is Lt. Colonel Larry Boreman,” the guy with the colonel’s eagle insignia on his hat grinned, “Paintball wars, up on the bluffs are the wars we’re about to engage in.”

“Yeah,” Boreman added, “Biodegradable red paint war with a group from Moosehead City. Our ranks are authentic—we both served in Desert Storm.”

“Besides a bit of breakfast, we’re here to contact the sheriff—there’s something he should know.”


EDITOR’S NOTE: As promised—this image shows the location of a Farkleberry Star Service station and O’Donnell’s Bar. Farkleberry’s is featuring a truck for sale—any participating member of this blog may bid on this vehicle as I divest myself of all but Strider and the 1956 Ford Ranch Wagon… there will be more vehicles up for “sale,” soon.

Farkleberry’s Station and O’Donnell’s Bar ©Jack BoardmanFarkleberry Star Service station and O’Donnell’s Bar.

This is a 1948 Ford F1 with a high-powered 5.0 V8, designed for highway use, although with all-wheel-drive, its capable of limited off-road use.

Let the bidding begin at $5,000 Danger Bay dollars!


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14 Responses to You fellas look ready to go to war.”

  1. jaysplaceweb says:

    “Rootin’-Tootinist bunch of law-enforcement people hard-cases this side of Tombstone Arizona…”

    They look pretty scary to me.

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  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    I LOVE old trucks! I’ll bid!

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  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    Even though I already have a fine old pick-up, the red & white one parked in front of the bar, I’ll bid $5,002.00!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. lhalvor says:

    I want to see a closeup of it first.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. lhalvor says:


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  6. sgtmajcarl says:


    Liked by 1 person

  7. $10,751.00 🙂 Sticking tongue out 🙂


  8. lhalvor says:



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