“Coffee, Sheriff?”

KIDNAPPED Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: “Welcome—I think. You fellas look ready to go to war.”

“Good day, I’m Colonel Jack Yatters, and this is Lt. Colonel Larry Boreman,” the guy with the colonel’s eagle insignia on his hat grinned, “Paintball wars, up on the bluffs are the wars we’re about to engage in.”

“Yeah,” Boreman added, “Biodegradable red paint war with a group from Moosehead City. Our ranks are authentic—we both served in Desert Storm.”

“Besides a bit of breakfast, we’re here to contact the sheriff—there’s something he should know.”

Season 13—Adventure 6—KIDNAPPED—Episode 9—Scene 1… Inside Silverthorn’s Café… As he expected, Sheriff Boomer found the café empty, save for the Silverthorn family—they really weren’t open for business, but quickly unlocked the door when he arrived, “Coffee, Sheriff?”

Sheriff Boomer at Silverthorn’s Café ©Jack Boardman“Coffee, Sheriff?”

“Yeah Hy,“ Boomer replied, “Gallon-sized.”

“Any news? Other than the official FBI’s ‘We’re investigating’ crap.”

“Other than we’ve been told to back-off? No. Except we’re not backing-off.”

“I figured,” Hiram (Hy) Jr. replied, “How can I help?”

“Stay put here, for now. Send Thunder out with Daisy and the rest of our sentient dog-people and we’ll equip them all with voice-activated phones—phones Chris is preparing now at PAWZ, downtown. We’ve also turned Mariucci’s spies to our spies, and as I’m telling you this Linda and Ralph are training them to be unobtrusive in their efforts.”

“What about NCIS? That Jed seems to be more sympathetic to our needs.”

“That’s because he, like your dad, was a Mud-Marine. I expect he’ll soon pay you a visit.”

As if on cue, NCIS Boss Jed Jones knocked on the door, Hy let him in, “I’m here—how can we help?”

KIDNAPPED—Episode 9—Scene 2—Inside O’Donnell’s Bar… “Besides a bit of breakfast, we’re here to contact the sheriff—there’s something he should know.”

“He’s in Danger Bay now, but I see Sheriff’s Deputies Sarah and Jay Cooper getting out of their car now,” O’Donnell replied, “They’ll listen to you.”

Sarah & Jay Cooper arrived at O’Donnell’s Bar ©Jack Boardman“They’ll listen to you.”

“Hey Tom, how’re ya doin’?”

“I’m fine, Jay,” O’Donnell replied, “These fellas have some information for the sheriff.”

“Good morning, fellas,” Sarah smiled, “How may we help you?”

“Good mornin’ ma’am, I’m Colonel Jack Yatters, US Army, retired, and my friend here is Lt. Colonel Larry Boreman, USAF, retired, “And this is our story…”

Yatters repeated in detail what they’d observed about their paintball opponents—finishing with, “I believe they’re insurrectionist, anti-government types to begin with, and one of them said, and I quote, “Someday soon, this county will lose a couple of traitors—and will be better-off for it.’ I asked what he meant and got only a smile for a reply.”



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9 Responses to “Coffee, Sheriff?”

  1. lhalvor says:

    Insurrection? Uh-oh.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. lhalvor says:

    You need o explore adding a Finnish guy like Gus Hall (iron range leader of the communist party) or a urho maki to the story.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Other than we’ve been told to back-off? No. Except we’re not backing-off.”

    GOOD! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am big on conspiracy theories bring it on 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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